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More Than 9% Users Have Left Facebook Permanently

Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal is not to leave any time soon. The campaign #DeleteFacebook strengthened when the co-founder of Whatsapp and Elon Musk also joined it. American users of Facebook have fallen absolutely out of love with it in a very large number and more than 9% people have deleted their accounts as well. A survey carried out by Creative Strategies has shown that from the total of 214 million users in the United States, 19.2 million have deleted their accounts in the past few weeks.

This study was limited to 1000 American who represents the US population irrespective of gender and age. Those who didn’t delete the app from their phone over the privacy concern.  These were almost 17% of the total. 35% claim that they don’t use Facebook much like they used to because of the privacy issue. There is indeed a lot of difference between the people who said that they have deleted their Facebook and people who actually did it.

The report states, Privacy matters to our panelists. Thirty-six percent said they are very concerned about it and another 41% saying they are somewhat concerned. Their behavior on Facebook has somewhat changed due to their privacy concerns. Seventeen percent deleted their Facebook app from their phone, 11% deleted from other devices, and 9% deleted their account altogether.” This number cannot affect the tech giant much but it will put a lot of impact on the Facebook’s business model since many users are not satisfied with the Facebook’s privacy issues.