9 Secret Features of iOS 8 That 99% People Don’t Know About


Apple has released the iOS 8 that will take its spot as the new OS for iPhone and iPad. The new operating system has been loaded with a number of new features such as third party keyboards and extensions. However, apart from the big flashy features, there are some hidden and useful features incorporated as well. So we decided to bring to you 6 of these hidden features.

9. Battery Usage Breakdown


You can check which app is using how much of battery; for 24 hours and for the past 7 days.

8. Siri


When the device is plugged in, you can call Siri to activate it.

7. Mac Address


While using Wi-Fi, bogus mac address is assigned that may not necessarily be the real mac address thus preventing companies from gaining any information on the user.

6. Real-time Dictation6. Real-time Dictation

Dictation works in real time now, so you can see what it picks up while you’re talking.

5. Black and White5. Black and White

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and toggle on “Grayscale.”

4. To hide a photo, just hold down and tap “Hide”4. To hide a photo, just hold down and tap "Hide"

The photo will only be visible in the ‘hidden’ folder in albums and shall not show up in Moments, Collections or Years.

3. Weather app3. Weather app

Swipe all the way down while using the Weather app and you’ll get a 9-day weather forecast along with sunrise, sunset and UV index.

2. Favourite Contacts2. Favourite Contacts

Double tap the home button to bring up your favourite contacts.

1. Credit card scanning from within Safari


1. Credit card scanning from within Safari

Making online purchases in Safari have been made really easy, just hold your credit card in front of the camera and the numbers shall be lifted off from the card and pasted into the designated and correct fields.

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  1. Sandeep Reply

    After downloading iOS 8 3 G turns on every time. Battery gets drain very fast . Pl suggest ?

  2. Jan Davis Reply

    i donot like that when I get a new iOS down load it adds new apps to replace old ones like messages and messenger and I can’t remove the old one and it takes up space

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