9 Nostalgic Sounds From The Past That Will Remind You Of Your Childhood

9 Nostalgic Sounds From The Past We All Remember!

The hearing is among our primary senses and is quite powerful. One can become lost in memory when old music is played, and the mood can be uplifted right away by listening to good music. Over the course of technological development, there are certain sounds that we have moved on from but were once considered part of our technology culture. We have put together a list of nine such nostalgic sounds. Check them out below;

The Nostalgic Sounds Of Dial-Up Internet

We can’t hold back our tear when we are brought to this amazing mashup of beeps and static. Those were the days! You had to make sure that you had asked everyone in the house before using the Internet. While you used the Internet, the phone line was rendered useless for phone calls.

Nostalgic Sounds Of Windows 95 Starting Up & Shutting Down

How many of you have worked on Windows 95? It truly was a masterpiece, wasn’t it? The startup and shutdown sound effects were the best. The startup sound was the music to victory – a beautiful, welcoming sound – that told you that you were ready to go. Whereas the shutdown would confirm that you had shut down the OS properly!

Nostalgic Sounds Of A Floppy Disk Being Read

Do you remember the floppy disk? Yes, the save file sign that was once used to store data. It was a revolutionary way of storing data and taking it with you. However, every time you used a floppy disk, it would make sounds as if the data was being salvaged by an army of machines. The whirring noise that they made would make everyone super worried about the safety of their stored data.

AOL Mail Notifications

Another nostalgic sound from the good old days of the Internet is the new mail notification from AOL. The audio prompt of ‘you’ve got mail’ from the AOL made receiving emails a fun activity. The featured died as people started receiving spam emails in bulk.

Pokemon Healing Noise

Back in the day, Pokemon was the gaming breakthrough in the world of PC gaming. It paved the way for many of the modern games. The game was a collection of iconic and nostalgic sounds. The Pokemon healing sound effect that you could listen to at the Pokemon Centers was great. The alert is used nowadays for the mobile phone text alert.

The Rhythmic Sound Of A Typewriter

Although they have become a relic from the past, they have helped shape the modern world. The sound of typing coming from a typewriter always had a rhythmic beat to it and was oddly satisfying and hypnotizing.

Printing Sound Of A Dot Matrix Printer

Who here has used the old dot matrix printer? Those who have will remember the satisfaction that listening to the screeching sound provided while you printed a document. The printing process was super-slow and quite loud; it was still a treat to hear the printer do its magic.

AOL’s Instant Messenger

The AOL’s instant messenger featured amazing sound effects. Will you believe that it was eventually discontinued in 2017? It lost its touch following the hype of social media.

Nokia Ringtone!

Nokia was the only Titan in the phone industry before the advent of smartphones. The Nokia’s default ringtone still brings a smile to the faces of those who have lived before the smartphones. The tone is known as Granda Valse and was composed by a Spanish classical guitarist Francisco Tarrega. It was penned back in 1902!

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