9 New Weapons That Can Hunt Down Drones

These Are The Nine Most Effective Ways To Hunt A Drone!

We recently talked about the misuse of the drone. Today we will be exploring ways that you can hunt a drone. We have put together a list of nine of the super-effective anti-drone tech that is readily available. Check out the list of ways you can hunt a drone successfully;

Successfully Hunt A Drone With SkyWall 100

These Are The Nine Most Effective Ways To Hunt A Drone!

This particular anti-drone catcher seems like it came out of Halo. It weighs in at about 10 kg and is essentially a net launching bazooka. The SkyWall is smart and using its AI computer present onboard along with the help from the smart-scope can not only identify a drone but is also able to analyze the movements thus making sure that the capturing process is successful.

The shoulder-mounted bazooka, SkyWall 100, relies on compressed for the firing of the net and keeps the drone in a single piece while guiding it back to Earth. It can be reloaded quickly and without breaking a sweat.

These Are The Nine Most Effective Ways To Hunt A Drone!


Here’s another way you can hunt a drone! Modern Warfare players will find that it resembles the arsenal from the game. The DroneDefender can integrate into any existing drone gun. It features a weight of 4kg and can block UAVs radio, GPS, and ISM signals thus effectively forcing the drone to return to its user and land. It is not commercially available as of now, but the United States Border Control, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense is already using the DroneDefender for hunting drones.

The Anti-Drone “Death Ray” Truck

These Are The Nine Most Effective Ways To Hunt A Drone!

The military contractors are more than just prepared for a situation where a drone might be used by terrorists. Boeing has come up with the Anti-Drone ‘Death Ray’ truck. The weapon is integrated on top of the truck. It is known as a High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator or HELMD. It can be controlled using an Xbox controller and makes use of an invisible laser beam for taking down drones during any kind of weather conditions.

The DroneGun

These Are The Nine Most Effective Ways To Hunt A Drone!

You can easily hunt a drone using the DroneGun. The DroneGun basically infiltrates the drone thus disabling the user from operating or controlling it. It relies on subversive electrical blocking to render UAVs useless from a distance of 1.2 miles because of its GLONASS positioning. It can then force the drone to land or return to its owners.


These Are The Nine Most Effective Ways To Hunt A Drone!

Drones are becoming the premier choice when it comes to smuggling of contraband. However, SkyFence is here to put an end to that. It has been installed in the United Kingdom. It is basically a 2,000 feet drone shield that works by taking out any rogue UAVs that might be flying in the area. It uses an array of signal disrupters for achieving this.

The DARPA Laser

Did you know that the US government has invested millions of dollars in anti-drone technology? Although there have been no documented cases of drones carrying explosives as a payload, people in Japan and Germany have used them as weapons.

The Pentagon, therefore, began working on an ultimate anti-drone system. The anti-drone weapon will be unveiled in 2020 and shall reportedly be able to take down all forms of UAVs irrespective of their shape and size. The modular system is said to be compatible with all kinds of vehicles and can also neutralize conventional threats such as rocket, mortar, and artillery.

Drone Hacking

You might think that it only looks feasible in action movies, but it is equally effective in real life as well. Hacking a drone during flight is also a feasible way to hunt a drone. A researcher and hacker, Rahul Sasi, has demonstrated that malware can be used for hijacking a drone. However, this is a two-way street.


These Are The Nine Most Effective Ways To Hunt A Drone!

Ever heard the famous saying that you should fight fire with fire? The same idea has been used for this particular anti-drone weapon; a drone is used to hunt a drone. It has been created by the Dutch Firm Delft Dynamics and locks onto the targeted enemy UAV during flight and launches its net for catching the rogue UAV.

Birds of Prey

These Are The Nine Most Effective Ways To Hunt A Drone!

This method has been retired, but it did remain as a feasible option for law enforcement agencies to get rid of drones that were unwelcome. Eagles and hawks were trained to take down drones on command. The idea has been shelved since the Eagles don’t always behave as expected thus lowering the success rate of this method of hunting a drone.


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