9 Must-Have Tools For Homeowners

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If you are a new homeowner, you’ll likely be excited by the fact that you can do (within reason) whatever you want to your home. You may not have had much in the way of experience with DIY until now, but since you’re a homeowner, you have the freedom to experiment in your home ‘til your heart’s content.

But first, you’re going to need some essential tools. In this article, we’re going to share 9 must-have tools for homeowners. These will be the ideal selection of handy items which will enable you to make a start on some DIY projects and start shaping your home into your dream pad.

1 – Level

OK, so it may not be the most exciting start, but like it or not, you’re going to need a level. Unless of course you like the idea of ‘winging it’ and potentially having sloped shelves throughout your house. Level’s are used to ensure that the lines and surfaces on whatever project you are undertaking are perfectly straight. The little tubes with liquid and an air bubble are designed so that when the bubble is in the centre of the tube, the surface is indeed level. This tool is ideal for finding level ground, hanging shelves, or simply displaying art on your wall.

2 – Tape Measure

Here’s another boring one for you, but a tool that is invaluable none the less. You’ll be surprised by how often you’ll end up needing to use your tape measure. In fact, you’ll likely end up using it on every project that you undertake. A standard 25-footer should suffice for a wide variety of home DIY projects.

3 – Claw Hammer

That’s more like it! The claw hammer is a proper tool, and one that you’ll want to have handy when tackling most DIY projects at home. The reason why you need a claw hammer is in case you need to extract some nails if in the event that you happen to hammer them in to a surface poorly. It takes a bit of practice, but if you opt for a claw hammer with a rubber or vinyl handle then the extra grip & shock absorption will aid you in your proficiency.

4 – Screwdrivers

No home DIY project is complete without a handy set of screwdrivers! You can’t get away with only one or the other (flathead or Phillips), you must have at least one of each, and in various sizes to cover a wider range of projects. You’ll need a screwdriver handy more than you know!

5 – The Hardware

Nails, screws, nuts, and bolts; grab yourself an assortment of hardware and keep them handy for a rainy day. Of course, be sure to keep everything organised so that you don’t have to dig through a pick’n’mix of hardware in order to find the right sized screw.

6 – Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench with a moveable jaw is a lifesaver, especially when it comes to loosening or tightening all-manner of different sized nuts & bolts. This can be used for tackling a few light DIY plumbing tasks or putting together furniture. Just make sure that you keep your adjustable wrench in a cool and dry place in order to prevent rust. A rusty wrench will no longer be adjustable which defeats the object.

7 – Allen Keys

Pick up an assorted set of Allen Keys and you’ll never look back. Most DIY furniture sets will have little hexagonal sockets that require Allen Keys to put together. In addition to that, you’ll end up needing them for repair bikes and many other unforeseen tasks. These are a must-have!

8 – Cordless Drill

Once you’ve used a power tool for the first time, you’ll be hooked. Want to hang that flat-screen TV on the wall? You’ll need something powerful to drive bolts into wall studs an so on. Additionally, the cordless nature of this power drill means that you don’t need to worry about snaking a long cord through the house in order to reach those awkward ‘out-of-the-way’ spots.

9 – Putty Knife / Spatula

A putty knife will be handy for filling cracks, scraping away dry paint, or applying filler into cracks. This tool is an essentiality when painting a wall in your home as you’ll want to ensure that it’s an entirely smooth surface with no holes from old screws / nails etc.


This set should be enough to get you started, however, as you progress down the DIY path and your skills improve, you will want to expand your toolkit with some extras depending on the complexity of the tasks that you’re moving on to.

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