80 Wallpaper Abyss in High Definition For Download

Sometimes one has to wonder just how far we all have fallen, collectively, as a creation. Yes, we’re planning to keep it real today; human beings have fallen way far below and the cradle has fallen for sure. Somewhere along the way on becoming more educated, more technology-savvy and more groomed we all turned into mere robots and beasts who don’t give a damn about others. We have grown insensitive to those around us and we are in no mood of lending a hand to those who are in need.

We live in a society that talks about greatness yet prefers to carry out everyday tasks in less than mediocre way. You’ll find that the rich are ignorant of the poor despite their never ending debates of how poor and homeless people should be taken care of on social media. Such harsh times that we are living in, one has to wonder where we went wrong. Where did humanity go wrong?

You’ll find people always in a frenzy; trying to get to office, trying to get to market, trying to get back home and what not. They do not have the time to think and ponder about all these wonderful things that surround us. People are becoming so ridiculously and absurdly busy over stuff that is not contributing towards their growth, it’s actually sad to see this.

It would seem that the humanity has taken a dive into the abyss; a never ending pit. However, before we decide and seal the fate of humanity as a lost cause, let’s not forget that we can always turn things around. We have the power to change the thinking of society and we have the potential of bringing out the best in humanity. You’ll find many initiatives that have embarked on the very same journey and are making a difference. It is about time that we claim back what has been lost.

But in order to do so, we must first acknowledge that something has been lost indeed. It is very easy to forget that because of the way our society has been built and because of the way this system works. Therefore, you need something to remind you on a daily basis that something is not right and you must make an effort into making things right. The best way to do is to have a symbolic representation that you can see multiple times in a day to remind you in a subtle way that humanity has fallen.

What are we suggesting? We are suggesting that you put up the wallpaper abyss. The wallpaper abyss while looking artistically amazing, will also serve as a gentle reminder that humanity needs saving. We all use our computers on a daily basis and it is the best platform to put up a reminder and we believe that putting up the wallpaper abyss is the best way to do it. By looking at abyss wallpapers and remembering why you put it there will allow you to come up with ways of tackling the aforementioned issue. The idea is simple yet brilliant and we can’t emphasize enough on the importance of the abyss wallpaper and what a difference it can make towards your thinking. You’ll find a lot of abyss wallpapers that are great to look at and serve the purpose. Go on, get the wallpaper abyss for your desktop and start working towards saving humanity.

Wallpaper Abyss

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