80% Users On The Internet Can’t Spot A Panda In This Picture In 30 Seconds. Can You?

Finding the Panda

A Hungarian artist by the name of Gergely Dudas post this self-created drawing on his facebook page asking people if they could spot a panda in the picture in first 30 seconds. As it turned out, majority had a hard time finding the panda.
For a few people, it was quick. For others, they were unable to find the panda in the given time of 30 seconds.

Finding the Panda

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I was unfortunately in the second category of people who couldn’t spot the panda in time. That got me thinking, what is so weird about this image that majority of the people can’t spot a frigging panda? Thats when i figured out a scheme to find the panda fast. SPOILER ALERT. The trick is to focus on the noses of each snowman and keep scrolling your eyes. Eventually you will spot the panda in less than 30 seconds. All the snowmen have carrots as noses while the panda doesn’t have it.
So how did it go for you? Let us know in the comments

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