8 Things Galaxy S7 Can Do That iPhone 6S Can’t

samsung-galaxy-s7 camera result in dark

The new Galaxy S7 has been launched by Samsung, and although it falls short of many people’s expectations, it is still a marvelous phone that manages to capture your attention. Apple’s iPhone managed to rekindle its sales in the trillion-dollar smartphone market with its new 3-D touch in the iPhone 6S. The new Samsung phone doesn’t have 3-D touch, but it does have several other amazing features that the iPhone 6S doesn’t possess. Here are some of the things that you can’t do on an iPhone but you can on an S7:

1. Water Resistant Capability


The new Galaxy S7 is water resistant up to 1.5 meters for more than 30 minutes. Previously only the Galaxy S5 was been water resistant, and Samsung has now reverted to making these rugged designs. The iPhone has yet to have a water resistant phone, so it is a big plus for Samsung user base.

2. Superfast charging


We’re not exactly sure how fast the new S7 can charge, but it is definitely going to be much faster than the iPhone 6S. Even the previous Galaxy S6 managed to charge faster than an iPhone.

3. Wireless charging


Wireless charging and charging pads haven’t become an Apple thing ever because it is slow. Samsung now claims that its new phone can recharge wirelessly even faster than regular wired charging. Now that would be a breakthrough for the Korean company.

4. Samsung S7 Camera can auto-focus super fast

galaxy camera

Samsung has revisited their camera technology for S7, and they have increased the aperture of the lens as well as introducing a dual pixel sensor that can focus the camera so fast that it is un-noticeable. The iPhone on the other hand takes a second or two to do it which can take the right moment away from the photographer.

5. Better Pictures in the Dark

samsung-galaxy-s7 camera result in dark

The S7’s large aperture allows the phone to take better pictures in dim lighting especially in the night. The iPhone though did well in low-light pics, its competitor has taken the game to an entirely new level.

6. Samsung Pay works on Regular Credit Card Readers

galaxy S7 disassembled

Samsung’s new pay feature allows the mobile to be used as a credit card in regular card readers. Apple’s pay feature only works in newer machines and not the old ones.

7. An always on Screen


The Samsung’s new Always On screen allows conservation of battery like no other. We can use it to do basic operations like reading a text and looking at the time. iPhone 6S nor its predecessors had any such feature.

8. S7 Edge has widget on its curved display

The edge surface of S7 Edge can be used to start apps and even make shortcut actions, so that lesser amount of time is taken in the operation of the phone. Apple hasn’t come up with a curved screen and nor it is likely to be.


Of course, there are other differences like expandable memory, bigger battery, bigger battery backup, etc. but they are just present in all Samsung devices and absent in all Apple ones.



  1. andy Reply

    im not sure about s7.. s4 camera and battery life sucks
    s6 battery life sucks and camera is average
    Samsung is insulting android.

  2. Peter was Reply

    And you the author my friend is definitely a die hard Samsung fan!

  3. MRK Reply

    OOO yes :))) HUGE DEAL :))) Samsung make`s better pictures in the dark :))) wow that`s an amazing one :)))
    Wow What S7 can do and 6s can not :))) WTF ?? are you some kind of retard ? compare s6 with 6s or wait for the 7s :))

    And always is about the camera :))) always :))) if is this way take sony or nokia both bet the shit out of samsung or apple :))) so who whants those pro pictures buy a f…ng Cannon :))))

    IOS 4 LIFE …

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