8 New Scientific Inventions That Are Incredibly Genius

We live in a Golden Age, the age of globalization and technological advancements. People are not dying of Smallpox or Plague anymore. We can see and read what is going on in Alaska even if we live in Australia. We have a machine that can print out things for us, ranging from paper clips to guns. Cool, right? Although we should be familiar with the emerging new technologies by now, there are some that seem out of science and this world. Have a look at these 8 incredible inventions!

1. Quell

Quell is a small, wearable, and revolutionary electronic device that uses OptiTherapy technology. This technology uses your neural impulses to help alleviate chronic pain. Yup, it’s that powerful! Quell is approved by FDA to be used 24/7, both during the day while you are active and during the night while you are sleeping to get relief from the pain. Quell is a far cry from the magnetic bracelets that random mags try to sell. It is 100% drug-free and uses your smartphone to monitor your needs and show results.

Quell’s technology causes intensive nerve stimulation and customizes therapy to your optimal level, ensuring that you get the relief when you need it.

Image: quellrelief.com

2. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a video game about survival and exploration of an infinite galaxy. It promises the players to have the largest universe ever created (virtually, of course). You get a spaceship where you can battle for your survival and go to explore an infinite number of planets, each with unique landscapes and species. The scope of this game is so vast that it’s almost insane. Besides, RL (real life) sucks anyhow.

No Man's Sky
Image: youtube.com

3. Jetpacks

We know it’s hard to believe, but there are multiple jetpacks available out there using different variations of the same technology while allowing you to fly in the sky. They are all terrifying and awesome. It’s so unbelievable that one is confused if it’s just special effects or some reality! However, these are still far from mass production. So for now, you should focus on your driving only.

Below, you can see Yves Rossy’s video where he flies across Dubai skies in jetpacks that look like those miniature jets from cartoons.


Jetpacks in Dubai
Image: youtube.com

4. Fungus Styrofoam

Foams of plastic and rubber are an onslaught in the environment. They do keep your action figures safe and sound, but still, styrofoams are poisons that can someday enter your breathing air or drinking water. It seemed impossible to replace these common utilities, but Myco Foam has come up with a solution. They will be using mushrooms to replace this non-biodegradable product, from packing peanuts to large action figures.

Mushroom® Packaging was the company's first commercial offering, and was licensed to Sealed Air in NA and Europe in 2012.
Image: Mushroom® Packaging

5. Self-Inflating Tire

Inflating a tire is greasy, noisy, and overall nasty experience. Don’t worry, self-inflating tires are now available at your rescue. The technology uses the flattening of a tire as it touches the road, paired with peristaltic pump to suck air into a chamber. Imagine it like a tire constantly swallowing air. Although this won’t help in case of tire-burst, it will help you get to the pit-stop safely in case of a puncture.

Image: youtube.com

6. Bionic Eye

It is an electronic ocular implant that gives vision to those who cannot see, kind of similar to the technology used by Geordi LaForge in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Although the result is very much like a blurry and pixelated Xerox, an improved vision with shape and color detection is quite better than no vision at all. It is miraculous how the signaling between eye and brain is repaired, given the complex coordination process of both organs. Besides, if we’ve come this far, we can certainly make it to the technology that completely eradicates blindness, thanks to this amazing work by Second Sight.

Credits: Second Sight
Image: Second Sight

7. XStat

The XStat is a large syringe consisting of many tiny expandable sponges that can be injected into a bullet wound to clean it. It does so by maintaining the body’s homeostatic pressure. It stops bleeding to buy the victim more time until medical help arrives. Another interesting thing is that these sponges show up on the X-rays that ensures the removal of every last bit of it from the wound. This small injection can now use funky little sponges to save lives.

Credits: youtube.com
Image: youtube.com

8. 3Doodler

3-D drawing always seemed like a far-fetched dream. Well, not anymore! Enter 3Doodler pen that allows artists to draw anywhere, provided that it is anchored to a solid base. Well, we haven’t defeated gravity yet. The pen is a thin plastic filament that jumps between rapid heating and cooling. It is a revolution in 3-D drawing and communication. If you have a brain that can visualize images with three or four dimensions at a time, this seems like the perfect tool for you to materialize your imagination.

Credits: jebiga.com
Image: jebiga.com

Aren’t these inventions smart and unique? What do you think? Comment below.

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