8 Major Benefits Of Employing AI In Cyber Security

Cyber security is a major concern nowadays, owing to the increasing number of hacking attacks and threats on internet users. 

When we talk about advances in cyber security, artificial intelligence plays a significant role today. AI, developed to simulate human-like intelligence in machines, is a fantastic solution for businesses aiming to safeguard their networks from cyber miscreants. Starting from next generation firewall to highly sophisticated fraud monitoring systems, AI has found various significant uses among businesses with a prominent online presence. Along with human resources, the support of AI-enabled machines can form a formidable power to resist incidents of cybercrimes.

The use of AI in cyber security comes with multifarious benefits. In this article, let us find out some of the major advantages.

Ability of AI to handle more data:

Where in an organization, there may be a large data network having lots of information and files. When we talk about data handling, AI can do much more than human intelligence. On the service of any company, there may be loads of data transfer regularly between the businesses and customers. To protect sensitive and confidential data and the privacy of networks, AI can provide a very effective solution with advanced data handling capabilities.

Quick learning in minimum time:

This technology is far more intelligent than humans are and can learn very quickly in minimum time. Because of the use of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, it can understand the behavior of the network and all types of data transfer very quickly. Because of such quick learning abilities, AI technology can provide a much better solution for the security of online data and networks.

Identification of unknown threats:

These days, attackers and hackers are using new techniques and methods every day, and there may be various unknown threats for human beings online. Even cyber security experts can’t identify all types of these unknown threats, and it is one of the biggest challenges online today. In this situation, artificial intelligence can be used to identify new threats very effectively. It is much more reliable and effective than humans in terms of threat detection and identification.

Improved vulnerability detection and management:

Vulnerability management is one of the most important factors in securing the network of any company. As mentioned earlier, it is very essential to identify, detect and prevent different types of regular threats on networks and data organizations. AI systems are very effective for the improvement in vulnerability management to keep the networks and systems protected.

Upgrade to overall security:

A technology advances, hackers and attackers keep changing their tactics regularly. So it becomes too challenging and complex for an organization to prioritize different security tasks. In such a situation, it is essential to strengthen the overall security system and let AI take care of preventing online threats.

Reduced duplicative processes:

If organizations hire someone to secure their networks and systems, cyber security experts may use the same security practices every day. With the changing tactics of attackers, these same security solutions may not be effective to prevent the attacks. For the reduction of such Duplicative processes, artificial intelligence technology is considered to be very effective.

Better detection and quick response time:

There will be a big improvement in detection and response time with the implementation of AI technology in cyber security. It will be very helpful to scan the entire computer system and network in minimum time and provide information regarding the possible threats quickly.

Secure authentication mechanism:

As you know, there is a need for authentication of the user on most of the websites and networks. The information and data regarding user account are always vulnerable to attackers and hackers. Artificial intelligence can be very effective to provide an extra security layer to make authentication methods more secure and prevent the attacks of hacking.

ConclusionNow, even though employing artificial intelligence in cyber security is beneficial, there may be some drawbacks. For instance, companies will need more resources trained and experienced in AI. And smaller organizations might find the initial investments for AI infrastructure daunting. However, these are just the initial hurdles, overcoming which will pave a more secure and resilient path in cyber security.

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