8 Gadgets From The Future That Are Almost Here

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We have all grown up fantasizing owning one gadget or another that we saw in a movie or read about in a novel to become a reality. Although, a lot has happened and a lot is bound to happen, however, not all of those fantasies would become reality or at least become a reality in our lifetime. This is where we accept the reality and focus on the futuristic gadgets that we, for sure, will be able to own soon enough. We have compiled a list of eight such gadgets that you will have access to soon enough.

8. Wireless Electricity8. Wireless Electricity

A team from MIT is working on witricity aka wireless electricity based on the principles of Tesla. The team is hopeful they are onto something and this means that soon enough we will be saying goodbye to the cords and all this mess. Just carry your laptop and gadgets and you would be able to charge them wirelessly.

7. The Fabric Laptop 7. The Fabric Laptop

Laptops are a must have nowadays and we are hoping that someone would change the conventional look of the laptop. This is exactly where Fujitsu comes in as they have unveiled design for a fabric laptop; the kind you could hang in your closet when you’re done using it.

6. Fantasy World 6. Fantasy World

The concept of Holodeck was quite mesmerizing and a company known as CyberCarpet is quite closer to achieving the same experience. Currently, the company has created an omni-directional treadmill that has been connected to a virtual reality system. Basically, wear your goggles, step on the treadmill and jump into a fantasy world!

5. The Pencil Printer 5. The Pencil Printer

Say goodbye to your ink printers because this conceptual printer will print using pencils. This means that  you can quite easily erase and fix any error in the document once it has been printed instead of wasting paper and printing the rectified document again. The printer also allows for re-inserting the printed page and erasing all that is on it (pencil written of course).

4. The iPhone Universal Remote 4. The iPhone Universal Remote

Apple has recently patented quite an ambitious idea that is related to converting the iPhone into a universal remote (think Click but without the control of space and time). You could be able to control your Xbox 360 and fans and what not with this tweak when it happens!

3. Cybernetic Contact Lenses 3. Cybernetic Contact Lenses

Babak A. Parviz, who is a bio-nanotechnology expert at the University of Washington states that the technology to impart microchips to contact lenses exists and it is only a matter of time before we witness it happening. You could walk into a room while checking the weather reports without anyone noticing. (Mission Impossible Contact lenses anyone?)

2. The iTrainer with Smart Shoe 2. The iTrainer with Smart Shoe

Apple patented iTrainer last year that basically aims at improving the workout experience. The idea is to make use of a smart shoe that is capable of sending and decoding the information about your workout that results in music selection as per which phase your workout is in.

1. Cut and Cook with Precision 1. Cut and Cook with Precision

The cutting board designed by Jess Griffin and Jim Termeer is not your conventional cutting board. It comes with some novel new features; e.g. slide the chopped onion to the side and the cutting board will display its weight!


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