75,000 Graduates, Engineers Apply For 30 Govt Peon Posts In India


Unemployment is a serious issue in India and it is currently on the rise. Recently, State Government’s Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Chattisgarh, announced positions for 30 peons. The pay of each peon was set at 14,000 and the job description included fetching tea for the officers.  A whooping 75,000 people applied for the job which included almost 5000 graduate engineers. 

unemployed engineers



According to census 2011, 20% of the youth remains unemployment. This translates into 4.7 crore Indians who are unemployed.  The infographic below shows how India compares with the world in providing employment to its people.


Ohh! The worst part, Directorate of Economics and Statistics got so overwhelmed with the applications that they cancelled all the job openings.

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