7 Year Old Eye Cancer Surviving Kid Makes A Badass Prosthetic Eye After Being Bullied At School

cancer survivor prosthetic eye

7-year-old Beckham Zobrist beat cancer that had grown up in his right eye but lost the eye in the process. He was three-year-old when he was first diagnosed and since the operation, he had to wear a prosthetic eye and be about his business. But, you know how it goes with bullying kids these days. They made fun of his fake eye and tried to make fun of him because he couldn’t look in one direction and the eye was very obviously static. But, the brilliant kid set out to make a new eye for himself that could scare away potential bullies with its terrifying stare.
Beckham Zobrist

This kid just started calling him a freak, and we saw him just shy away,” according to his mother, Erin Zobrist. That is when Beckham got a new custom eye built by his ocularist. Now normal eye prosthetics tend to look as real as possible, but Beckham wanted it with the sign of his favorite team: The Chicago Cubs Baseball team. Now his mother didn’t want him to feel bad about the eye and instead give him this rare opportunity. So, his loyal support was realized by the team, and they invited him over to meet the team and even practice a bit with them. 

The Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez was extremely delighted to have him there and said
“He’s my idol, and I look up to him and other kids like him that’s gone through what he’s gone through and wish him all the best,” Martinez told WGN. “I told him he’s more than welcome to come back anytime he wants.”

I bet the bully kid didn’t feel so fell after all about bullying him. Even if he tries to do so again, the sheer intensity of the emblazoned eye’s gaze could make many kids cower. Great going, Beckham, although your name seems out of place in Baseball!


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