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7 Weird Apple Products That Never Made It To The Market


Not every product is a success in the market and sometime even the greatest brains do come up with the weirdest ideas. 7 bizarre products of Apple were brought to light by WWDC that were too weird to exist. They are following:

7. The Macintosh Surface

This model was known as “Bashful” not “Surface” and is a primitive prototype of Newton which was ultimately publicized. If the Bashful would have left the drawing room, it would have been sold with a keyboard and stylus.

6. A Dual Screen Workstation

The dual-screen workstation, similar to the Bashful, was also one of the ideas that were considered in the early ’80s. It was also invented by Hartmut Esslinger, founder of Frogdesign, just like the Bashful.

5. An Octagon iPhone

The Octagonal iPhone is one of the many models that were revealed during Apple and Samsung’s epic row. This iPhone could have been created in the shape of upcoming phones but Apple decided on “rectangle with rounded corners” that was often copied in those days.

4. The MacPhone

The Apple Snow White 1 Tablet Mac and the Apple Snow White 3 MacPhone were being established in ’82 and ’84 and are forerunners to both the iPhone and the iPad. However, Apple devoted itself to the Macintosh and waited for some years before returning rather than making the bizarre tablet-phones public.

3.  An Angular iPhone 4

This prototype written off as N90 is also one of the pearl from the Apple vs Samsung proceedings and is considered to be the iPhone 4 that was too weird to exist.

2. A Wrist Computer

Back in 1991, the idea of the Time Band was published in the Japanese magazine Axis. The then-CEO John Sculley advertised the concept of the Apple watch.

1. A Crazy Vertical Monitor

A setup that was named “concept 2” was another Esslinger joint and its purpose was to represent Americana. This setup was inspired by things like Studebaker and the Coke bottle, but its most remarkable feature is its striking vertical screen.
Here’s a video of these and some other weird inventions by Apple.

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