7 Tips to Retain Your Handyman Staff

Handyman play a vital role in ensuring the optimum function of businesses across industries. Plus, it’s the handymen that help resolve mechanical problems requiring specific skills. All-in-all, if you run a business that relies on handyman roles, you must make sure to retain them and keep them happy.

In this blog, we share a few tips that can help you keep your handyman staff happy and connected to your business.

1. Pay them right

One of the primary reasons a staff member may leave your business is lack of pay.

Offering a competitive salary bundled with benefits can help you attract and retain skilled handymen. Before setting a payment budget, make sure to research the market prices and align your budget accordingly. In addition to this, employers can offer health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and performance-based promotions and bonuses.

For more details, employers can refer to this pricing list.

2. Provide proper equipment for the job

If your handyman staff is forced to use rusty, outdated equipment, this may be the reason why they leave.

The right equipment is essential for carrying out the job perfectly. Whether it’s a plumbing job or a furniture building project, the right equipment can make the job more professional, while poor equipment can pose several challenges throughout the project.

So, if you haven’t already upgraded your old equipment, do it now. This will also help boost your staff’s morale, encouraging them to deliver better results.

3. Ask for feedback

Feedback from employees is as important as feedback from customers.

Whether your handyman staff takes care of building projects or renovation tasks, you must ensure that they are able to do their job without unnecessary stress or challenges.

From preventing harassment by colleagues to ensuring staff members’ happiness and good health, every action will help you keep your staff happy and close to your business.

4. Create a positive work environment

Cultivating a positive and respectful work environment significantly impacts employee satisfaction and retention.

To keep employees happy, employers must foster open communication, encourage teamwork, and provide growth opportunities to all staff members. Additionally, it is advisable to host team-building activities and events that allow all employees to come together and meet and greet with their colleagues.

5. Recognize their efforts and reward them

Regularly recognizing and appreciating your staff’s hard work can boost their morale and retention.

From celebrating their milestones, birthdays, and anniversaries to introducing an employee of the month program, every step can help boost your employees’ morale. Additionally, this can also be a great way of showcasing their contributions and achievements to other departments in your organization.

Feeling valued and appreciated can encourage your employees to emotionally connect with your organization.

6. Help them grow

Handymen, like any other professionals, seek opportunities to advance their careers. By providing suitable training to your handyman staff, you can help them upgrade their skills, also encouraging them to grow in their career.

Additionally, you can also promote talented handymen to sub-managerial positions where they are able to guide new joiners and administer their growth, also ensuring work quality.

Moving further, if you aim to become a better business professional and manage your staff efficiently, this blog may help you.

7. Don’t micromanage

Micromanaging takes fun away from any job. Whether you are a senior manager or an executive, micromanaging from upper management can always be frustrating, making you feel more stressed and less productive.

To keep your handyman staff happy and satisfied, make sure you do not micromanage.

Appointing them for a task, communicating the requirements, and following up when needed can often be enough to ensure timely deliveries.

Wrapping up

Handymen take care of a number of tasks in many organizations. If your business needs skilled and experienced handyman staff, keeping talented handymen close should be your priority.

In this blog, we shared a few tips that can help you retain your handyman staff.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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