These 7 Puzzling Pictures Will Play With Your Mind And Tell You Your Brain Age

Sometimes, sleep or alcohol takes over your mind, and you lose your senses to do the dumbest of things ever. At other times, your brain just plays weird tricks on you even when you are wide awake and fully conscious.

We all interpret things differently thanks to our such different brains. Brain age is a term that is not often linked to your actual age. Here is a test for you that will trick you a bit to figure out how your brain functions. Go ahead, try solving this.

7. What is wrong with both these pictures?

Image: Bright Side

6. How many holes in the T-shirt?

Image: Bright Side

5. What name would you pick for this tree?

Image: Bright Side

4. Can you?

Image: Bright Side

3. Find a hidden baby in there

Image: Bright Side

2. Which one is longer?

Image: Bright Side

1. Spot Mike Wazowski

Image: Bright Side

Are you sure you are done? Scroll on to the answers below:

7. Turn the photos upside down. Just because our brain is used to seeing the eyes and the lips in the same position, it really does not notice what went wrong.

6. It does not ask if it is meant to be just the tear holes or all the holes. The total is actually 8, that includes the neck, sleeves, bottom, and the two rips that are present on both the front and the back of the fabric.

5. You really were not meant to name it. If you noticed the bird, you have won this one.

4. Sometimes we are just looking in the wrong place. The word “spot” appears twice, and most of our brains just miss it out.

3. Have a look at the right of the picture, and you will notice baby toes in the outline of the tree. From here you can make out a baby in the fetal position with its head on the left.

2. Nothing to guess here. The line A is clearly longer, but that sounds too simple to be true. The power of conformity makes us do the weirdest of things.

1. There it is.

Image: Bright Side

You may or may not have been able to solve all of these puzzles, and that speaks volumes about the kind of person that you are. If all the puzzles took you less than 20 seconds each, you have quite a young brain that is adaptable to change. If it took you longer to solve or you were not able to solve all of them, you have a mature brain that is not able to see beyond the obvious easily. If you answered all questions in less than 5 seconds, you have the brain of a toddler. It means that you notice the tiniest of details and easily adapt to new environments.

Source: Bright Side

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