Check Out This Genius 7 Circle Magic Roundabout In England

Swindon Magic Roundabout (2)

In the South of England, there is a town named Swindon in the Wiltshire County. In the town is a whirl of movement they call the “Magic Roundabout,” quite suited to the town’s name. The Americans are no fan of roundabouts, but the English town features a tango of cars, turning and twisting about each other mysteriously.

Source: The Kids Should See This

The simplest of the roundabouts do wonders in moving the traffic faster and more safely, eliminating the deadly incidents potentially caused by four-way intersections. According to a study, roundabouts cause a 75% reduction in car crashes. But this magic roundabout is nothing ordinary; it is the world’s most complex intersection. It gives you more options and a faster transit as you can choose your own route to move freely and safely whether to the right or to the left.

The crazy twist of seven circles is fairly simple. There are five entry points to the roundabout, and the white markings on the pavement will guide you to your destination. Unlike the usual roundabouts, you won’t have to go a complete circle before you turn your way. An intricate pattern of circles will let you cut through quicker.

One circle, or a maze of circles, you are sure to get out of it safer and faster.

Watch this video by Wired to understand how the roundabout works:

If you want to get a feel of a drive about the Swindon magic roundabout, watch this video.

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