7 Car Hacks That Every Vehicle Owner Needs To Know

Being a car owner is not a simple task. There is more to it than meets the eye. It’s not just putting your foot on the gas pedal and driving. There is the routine maintenance and regular oil changes. However, there are some car hacks that can make your life a little easier.

Clean Cup Holders:

Cup holders are probably the dirtiest part of the car. No matter what happens, something falls in and it is impossible to get out. There is a simple car hack you can use by putting cupcake holders in the car cup holders and take them out whenever you need to clean them.

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Seat Adjustment:

If you are not the only person driving the car, then you will know the horror of adjusting the seat everytime you get in the car. There is a simple solution to it. You can simply mark the place where you are comfortable and don’t have to find the right spot every time.

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Sliding Pizza:

It is only natural to place the pizza in the empty passenger seat whenever you are taking it home. But the pizza leans and it results in the cheese shifting to one side. You can simply place two water bottles and place one edge of the pizza box on top of it to avoid it from happening.

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Grocery Shopping:

No more piling up of shopping bags on the backseat and multiple trips to take them inside. Simply keep a laundry basket to take them all inside at the same time and to avoid the mess.

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Fuel Side:

There are times when a person forgets which side the fuel tank is on. There is a simple solution. Just glance at the fuel meter on the car and it has an arrow pointing to the correct side.

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Precise Parking:

You can’t always see the front of the bonnet and the wall when parking. Simply hang a tennis ball in your garage that touches the windscreen when the car is in the correct position and you will always know when to stop.

(Source: Boredom Therapy)

Key Fob Range:

A key fob is a very handy tool. But, it is restricted in range. You can increase the range from 15 feet to a hundred feet by simply placing the fob under the neck and pressing the button. You can watch it in the video below:

Let us know if there are any other car hacks that we missed.

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