7 Best Bluetooth Key-finders Of 2019


What are Bluetooth key-finders? It is a device that’s small and lightweight which you can easily attach onto your keys, making certain that you have got some means to track down your things. You just need your smartphone to be connected with your Bluetooth key-finder. As long as you have your phone, you can easily track your keys anywhere! With this tool, you’d wonder how you went through life without it. 

However, Bluetooth trackers aren’t perfect. Due to its small size and low-powered, the durability is not that strong. The connection could also be intermittent due to the size of the device. The accompanying app might not catch the connection. Nonetheless, it is definitely better than nothing. Wandering from room to room until the app connects to the Key-finder is better than no tip at all.

We often forget keys, misplace them, and even lose them. If this happens to you often, a Bluetooth key-finder is the cure!  For a little help, here are the top seven Bluetooth key-finders out there. Read on!

Pixie Tracker

The Pixie Tracker goes with numerous forms. It is a small tag that you can attach at the back of your phone. You can use adhesive or keyring tags on other devices. Due to this requirement for a tag fastened onto your phone, this Bluetooth key finder is available either in two or four packs arriving with additional cases. The additional cases are used to hide the tags discreetly, which is awesome!

Its indoor range is around thirty feet. On the other hand, the outdoor range goes far beyond a hundred feet. As such, the application displays arrows for highlighting how close your keys are to you. It also alerts you when your right on top of it. You would also see the last location of the item in its special map, though when you are out of range, this special map wouldn’t be that useful anymore.

Indoors is very much Pixie Tracker’s strength rather than outdoors, since Pixie Tracker does not have that much in the global community, unlike Tile Mate. However, Pixie Tracker is rather stylish and colorful.

Tile Mate

Reportedly, Tile Mate has been the world’s best selling Bluetooth tracker. It does not only do what you want, but it goes a little more extra. It is perfectly small in size, which makes it easier for anyone to loop it in a key.

You get your ideal security by connecting it with your smartphone. It uses Bluetooth both in the short and medium-range and goes the extra mile in using the application for long-range places. It automatically documents the last place and time you saw it, meaning you can easily retrace and backtrack your steps.

Standing out from the rest, if the key is indeed far and long-range, you’ll be notified of its utmost recent location every time the Tile’s community network comes within its range. Now, what if you lost your phone?

If your Tile Mate is with you, then there should be no problem! You can hit the button on it, and it will do the tracking for you. In that sense, it’ll easily track down your phone, which is such a clever implementation in saving your time.

HButler Orbit

This keyfinding bluetooth is more costly than the most. Also, it is the best looking tracker. It is stylish and is available in different colors. Plus, it is splash-proof and has a replaceable battery. The HButler Orbit provides a separation alarm, a built-in speaker, and a special map that gives you the option to view the last location of your keys.

It does also work in reverse, with a button on it, you will be able to hit it, and your phone would ring if its in the orbit range. In addition to that, you also have a special ability in using other people within the orbit community to track your lost devices or keys.

Here’s a bonus to that! It also works as a selfie remote, meaning you can easily hit the special button and take selfies for the whole team. Yes, it is definitely far from an essential tool, but this is a bonus, right?

TrackR Pixel

This tracker is definitely not perfect but is still worth your money. Unlike Tile Mate, it shows several places you last saw your keys, giving you the best time to retrace the steps you took while somehow losing your keys.

Similar to Tile Mate it will use crowdsources for the key’s location and helps you look for your keys in the easiest way if in long-range. A special feature that stuns the users is its replaceable battery, which is a very rare feature for a Bluetooth key-finder.

Pebblebee Key Finder

The Pebblebee Key Finder is pretty impressive in feature-wise. Its 200 feet range is just too notable, far from other Bluetooth trackers. This Bluetooth tracker has Amazon Alexa skill inclusion, an easily replaceable battery, and an LED light.

Like other good quality Bluetooth key-finders, it keeps an eye on your key’s last location. It tells you exactly when they were last in range, and you can use it in reverse by tracking either your phone or your keys. With its Amazon Alexa Skill, you can do this easily hands-free, which surely is useful in certain situations. This tracker is pretty and stylish too.

Nonda iHere

Notably the cheapest key-finder amongst the rest. Nonda iHere isn’t bad at all for the price, it’s a small triangular key finding tool not that stylish but gets the job done. Its battery is rechargeable rather replaceable, and it lasts forty-five days when fully charged.

Since the budget design is low, seventy-five feet is its best in range when tracking, but that’s fine for home use. It also works as a remote for selfies and can use as a trigger in voice notes.

This tracker might look like far from the best looking and even the most powerful Bluetooth key-finder out there, but on a tight budget or if you are not that sure of the key-finder to purchase, this is the most decent option to pursue.

Chipolo Classic

In a minimalist fashion, you can insert it onto your keychain. The best advantage of this tracker is that it can effectively work even away for nine months, without any requirement for changing batteries. When changing batteries, it has been notably easy on Chipolo than any other tracker too.

This device is one of the loudest trackers of all time, having 92+ dB blast when the melody alert is on. Its promise quality is up to two-hundred feet of coverage, where there is a clear line of sight with the ability to check the last known time and location for your item.

They also have a Chipolo community, where you can receive alerts any time another user goes past the lost or misplaced item. This tracker is one of the solid and dependable trackers. The loud alert is just great and can give an easy time looking for your lost item.


Convenience in time and effort is most important to everyone. Bluetooth key-finders are devices intended to make it easier for you to search for your lost keys. If you frequently misplace or lose your keys, then key-finders are the optimal solution.

All you need to do is connect your tracker to your smartphone, and then the magic starts. You can use these trackers not just for keys but in reverse, your phones too. Tight budget or not, there will always be an option to save you some time and effort.

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