7 Amazing Excel Hacks You Did Not Know Before


Microsoft Office is essential pack for both your education and office work. While you may have frequently used Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and even Excel during your college/ university years, using Microsoft Excel for professional use is somewhat different. Excel has many tools you can benefit from whether it is keeping track of data, making automated calculations or crunching numbers.

Tools like PivotTables to summarize large data in lists/ charts, Conditional Formatting that automatically highlights your required range, Forecasting that extrapolate future trends/ outcomes and others can make you the “Excel Master”. Usually, you are not aware of these tools built in the Excel program. The inforgraphic in this article will not only make your life easier but also help you impress your boss.

Below are the 7 amazing Excel Hacks you should definitely use:

Credits: microsofttraining.net
Credits: microsofttraining.net



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