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Do you like a HD Glitter Wallpaper?

Options of glitter might seem like something that merely appeals to eight-year-old girls. But it does not end there. The Kardashians have played a major role in boosting up the glitter fashion, and glitter eyebrows are up and coming and also internet famous these days. In this day and age, glitter fashion trends are too hard and too glamorous to ignore. The glitter culture is being acknowledged by many influential and famous women (and even men) in the United States and beyond.

We all are pretty much aware of the quote by famous and gorgeous reality TV star, Paris Hilton, who has said, “Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.”

And we know all that glitters is not just Paris, famous singer who made our hearts go Tik Tok, you guessed it, Ke$ha has said, “When you’re around me, you’re going to get glitter on you.” Ke$ha is also reported to have said many more things about glitter such as, “My band and I, we cover our bodies in hairspray and glitter. We use the hairspray to make sure the glitter sticks.” and  “Glitter is my makeup of choice.” Which makes it obvious how important glitter is to our icons.

Famous musician, singer and songwriter Kelis Rogers, better known as Kelis is reported to have said, “I don’t think people know me at all. At the end of the day, if you see me in sequins and glitter out at a club, you might think that’s all there is. But, you know, it’s just glitter. My friends who I’ve known since I was 17 – they know who I am.” Which highlights the importance of glitter in her life as well.

As per the opinion of glitter by the male species, world bronze medalist and famous American figure skater has enlightened us with merely the facts, His name is John Garvin (Johnny) Weir and he is reported to have said, “Anytime you get men in glitter, it’s a flamboyant occasion!” and also, “I’m an ice skater. I’m all about the glitter.” Which explains that if we bring back glitter in 2016, men won’t quite have an objection since 31 year old Johnny Weir does not.

Anytime you get men in glitter, it’s a flamboyant occasion!” and also, “I’m an ice skater. I’m all about the glitter.

John Garvin (Johnny) Weir

Glitter wallpapers are most commonly already being used by girls who go to high school or even younger girls for that matter, they often use images of literal pink or gold glitter, it usually has some girly quote or piece of motivation written on it in very feminine text. Apart from that, images of silver glitter are used. Images of glitter are often associated with Prom season, so girls, if you have prom or a similar dance coming up and you have picked out a sparkly dress, why not match it with your phone wallpaper of the same color scheme of glitter to incorporate with your dress, it will help you get pumped up and get you into the Prom spirit. Or if your school does not have prom, you could have a glitter wallpaper to acknowledge the importance of it.

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gold glitter
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glitter wallpaper 39
glitter wallpaper 40
glitter wallpaper 41
glitter wallpaper 42
glitter wallpaper 43
a sandy glitters HD Glitter Wallpaper
a board with golden glitters
sparkling in violet
Violet sheet HD Glitter Wallpaper
little crystals poured at the same time
lovely water drops
glitters in 3D view
a heart marked the glittering sand
table lamp matched with glittered wallpaper
candy and sugar
rain drops shine
stone in glitters
Heart all around in yellow theme
Heart, stone and glittering
a touch of rainbow
Violet and divided
Violet sparkling
Sparkling golf HD Glitter Wallpaper

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