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Sometimes while pondering the creation of life my mind convinces me that while God was creating man he must have added to his clay a bowl full of ‘tragedy’ and ‘adversity’. Because this tragedy my friends is what I think must have given birth to the countless pathos of human nature, that life has revealed to each and every one of us, under a different label and a different tribulation. Life;  an Uncertain Journey. It will not be wrong to look at life as an uncertain journey along which you have no idea when or why it will accelerate from 10 miles/hour to a 1000 miles/hour and then with the same uncertainty come to an abrupt halt.

The Pathos of Human Existence

This uncertainty in life and the fear of an unknown future is what makes us all human. You might not know when life will get bumpy or when the tears now of joy will be of sorrow, but one thing you know for sure is that sooner or later, it will. As unfair as this truth is, it is fortunately or unfortunately, transfixed in our creation and the creation of the process that we call ‘life’.

Pain is ‘human’ the absolute need for life to change from sorrow to laughter and from daily to exceptional is indisputable. Such is the life of man since his existence came into being; moments of absolute glee obliterated by shadows of absolute tribulations. It is human to be sad and it is again human to want to relate that sadness to someone, to something and to know that you’re not the first one to have suffered. That sleeping on life’s thorny bed of roses is a week ago you had lost your job at the hands of an accidental mistake and you remember the humiliation with vivid clarity. A year ago you had carved the life span of your mother on her gravesite and you remember how life has always given you pain. And then the blow of remembering the time when you had broken up with the partner, you had once thought of as yours forever.

Sad Quotes: Words you can Relate to!

All these stigmas get crowded in your soul and you feel like the sole victim of life’s vengeance. And then suddenly one day while walking down an almost empty road you witness the crushing of a pedestrian under the screeching tires of a fast moving vehicle that came out of nowhere. You stop. You absorb the transience of his life. And you finally understand how the vengeance is universal. You once again freeze, take in his hardships, absorb his sorrow and understand how you are not the one; life has been the most unfair to. Sad Quotes; An Alternative for A Heart To Heart Conversation It feels better to relate right? To know that you are not alone in the battle of sorrows? That there are people out there, who have gone through the same or through worse than you? Seeing and relating to the experiences of others has lifted the burden of solitude from your shoulders. Hasn’t it? It has because it is stitched in human nature to want to be able to relate, to know that someone else out there, understands. And while in this brittle state, all a vulnerable person wants is to hear a few words that speak more ’empathy’ than ‘sympathy’. And in the present time when a heart to heart talk, is more of a rarity than a possibility, owing to the materialistic rush of the world, reading sad, gloomy, consoling quotes is the best alternative.

Sure, these quotes drenched with gloomy experiences might not mean much to you if you look at them as words from another era another place and another person’s lips but one straight fact is, that sadness since the humanity’s start has been bringing the same despair and melancholy to the old human heart as it did on the day one. And hence allowing each and every person who has suffered grief to relate and understand each other. So this renders that it is a fact that sad quotes of all sorts, quoted in moments of pain and anguish are a legacy of human suffering. And in the end, that is what really matters. The momentary peace of mind and contentment at finding yourself in someone else’s words is definitely bliss, allowing the understanding of one’s own being, while the sad quotes act as a stimulus. Sad Quotes; Timeless and Universal They aim to share, relate and provide self-awareness, because the people who uttered these words knew very well what it felt like to be in pain.

Everyone at some crucial time in their lives has to go through anguish and screech under the tires of circumstances. In these moments of anguish, sad and relatable quotes touch a person’s core and help him to alleviate his pain. Quotes; Catering Specific Issues Sad quotes are of a lot of types. Some of them have a consoling tone and provide a person with the lost warmth and essence of humanly love. These quotes will settle and stay in the mind of the broken person for a long time acting as a stimulus for the person to gather and fix the scattered shards of his heart. They allow him to accept his reality and admit his pain as a timely process that will surely end and hence, with this belief he picks himself up, shoves off the dust from his shoulders and moves on. Then there are the gloomy ones, with illustrations that help a person get the feeling of reliability more vividly and help him get over procrastination, as standing still and postponing the acceptance of one’s emotions is the biggest delay in getting over broken moments. Finally there are the quotes which express the feeling of deep longing and want.
A an Alternate Path to Channel Your Sadness

These help to nurture a person, finding it hard to cope with the loss of a dear one or a dear thing. They can get strength and inspiration from them and can channel their sad entities into the ones of faith, understanding and acceptance. These quotes bring forth the message that tears are not a sign of weakness rather they make us all human and real. They are a proof, of the existence of a heart and of feelings that are deeply rooted in its core. Such quotes are a very good choice for sharing with people who are going through rough patches in their lives and let them know that they are not alone, odd and definitely not outcasts. Provision of a Feeling of Fulfillment and Support When the world tumbles upside down it is nice to have someone upside down with you. This is the human appreciation of understanding. One of the best compounds of this sort is a gallery of sad quotes that will travel with you as an acceptable and relatable partner and hold you up in times of grief.

The purpose of sad quotes by no means is to magnify your grief but it is to broaden your view of it. What we have are some of the best examples of people in the literary world who held their lives up as open notebooks and noted down their words on journals and diaries, spilling their sadness and the experiences associated with them on pages for other souls to seek out a path of their own from them and learn to navigate and channel their sadness. A list of such literary legends includes Sylvia Plath, who gave us an endless understanding of sadness and gloom, noting down her life’s experiences and sharing them with people for them to learn from. Her quotes have enough strength to melt rocks. Then there is Emily Dickinson who deliberately searched for solitude for herself and left for us an endless quantity of beautiful sad poetry and words. Ernest Hemingway by no means is unknown and is a famous example of people who uttered and left for others their legacy in the form of their quotes. The Bronte sisters are also an equally credible example. And the list would have gone on and on had we not been bounded by time. Easily Accessible these legendary words are out there waiting for us to extend our hands and seek guidance from them.

They can Teach Life Lessons!

These quotes have stood the test of time and space and have survived over even centuries and decades. Although at times it may seem that they are being manipulated as commercials for monetary gains but let me tell you they are not hollow as they have been uttered from grieving lips and in times I’d sorrow. If read between the lines they portray the picture of a struggling being that has survived through the storms of life. You need to read and understand their camouflaged meaning. It is not necessary for you to find the exact meaning in it that the author had in his mind whole jotting it down. But instead you can find your own essence in them and discover what clicks you. And whatever that is, wears it on your mind. Stamp those words on your being and carry then with in you,Acquiring strength and stability from them. Not once, not twice read them again and again, until you feel like you’ve understood your stance and the quote has taught you what you needed to learn from it.

Defeating the Pessimist Inside of You!

A Positive Stimulus Experiencing grief can render you creative and by drowning in creativity you can overcome your negativity and pessimism. No life is without a measure of sadness, but it is better to identify it and root it out rather than letting it sit in your soul like a parasite, feeding on your strength. It is better to accept it and defeat it, before it springs out and engulfs you like moss. An Easy Vent out Reading sad quotes allows you to vent out your pent up frustration, anger and sadness, not allowing it to consume your optimism. Had you never tasted broccoli my friend, you would not have known how good chocolate tastes. And hence without sadness providing you a scale to measure your happiness I’m comparison to, you can never understand the importance of happiness. This understanding is what makes you want to keep others and yourself happy and contented. Making Your Own Mark A lot of people out there have been sharing their tragic experiences over the years, only with the purpose of allowing other people to know, that they are not the only ones life has squirted lemons in the eyes of.

Sources of Sad Quotes

Millions and trillions of sad quotes crowd the internet every month and a number of websites and pages are singularly dedicated to this cause. They are easily accessible and are about just a single click and a nano second away. Sites including Goodreads, Brainy quotes, Pinterest, Tumblr etc have specified hashtags for quotes dealing with the subjects of gloom, sadness and despair. Life is that car my friend that when breaks down does not get towed by a helper, but has to be fixed by a person’s own strength and motivation. Only a person himself can be his saviour.

In life you are both the protagonist and the antagonist of your story. Only you can make it or break it. And this making power comes when the mind of a person is stimulated by some impact producing advice and some shared experience. Perhaps when you succeed in seeking your desired stimulation from these quotes you can one day end up writing down your own experiences derived from the painful moments of your life and share them all over the internet to allow others to seek a positive stimulation from your words as once you had from someone else’s. The promotion of such quotes if done with the positive results in mind and with dedication can allow a lot of distorted minds to come back to the saints of optimism and faith that they had lost contact with somewhere along a rough patch in their journey.

There are complete compilations of the tragic genre with beautiful melancholic quotes that shake a person’s insides and awaken a new being in his heart. An example of such beautiful books is The bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, The Compilations of Emily Dickinsons Works, 1984 by George Orwell, Veronica Decides to Die by Paulo Choelo and a number of other literary works, mainly focused on the topic of the pathos of man’s existence. It’s About The Entire Process The thing about these quotes is about getting confined to just reading them. Instead, the entire experience involves understanding and realizing that the pains of this world are mutual and while they give us a harsh time they do not last forever. After every autumn a spring has to dawn and after every spring an autumn is inevitable. So while the ups and downs of life are undeniable the need of the hour is for a person to develop a coping mechanism, an anesthesia against the pain and this coping mechanism can be provided by the magic in words that one can relate to. While a lot of people will already agree with me that sad quotes do have an impact of positive sort I want to convince the rest of my fellow people; youngsters and adults alike to come forth and give a sincere try to understanding themselves and the causes of their suffering through the literary essence.

Find yourself in them!

I hope that you find your ‘ghost whisperer’ in one of these legendary quotes that some sad beings have over the century left behind for us in the form of their experiences, condensed in short sentences, only so we are able to copeand survive by taking inspiration from such people who have. Remember that your left balances your right and likewise your sadness balances your happiness and that you are after all ‘only human’.

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