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The race of ambitions: Since the dawn of humanity there has been a competition for survival, and by survival I mean all sorts of emotional physical and spiritual sustenance. First this race for survival was on a smaller scale, where the fight was over the land nearer to the water or the ownership of the tree laden with the most fruit or where an ape man would stab another over the beauty of a woman. But as things started magnifying, people started spreading over the globe and the overcrowding started happening in every other aspect too along with the population bloom, everything else also got zoomed and the race for survival got heavier and harsher. With lust, love, money and power involved every new born and the near death soul wanted to climb to the top of the human pyramid all along ready to even walk over someone else, if needed. From individuals to communities to nations, the war became of food, oil, drugs, armament and financial influx. Dreams got bigger and bigger, ambitions got higher and higher and passions started exceeding the optimum, but the process of achieving them got harsher and tougher. Requirement of a time tested approach: The game then turned from the one of hard work to one of of ‘smart work’. And learning from the experience of others and saving yourself the grace of ending up where some other foolish soul had ended up before you, became a part and parcel of this smart work. At the time of a smaller population the competition of rising up, was easier and name and fame were just the shot of an amateur uniqueness where as now, in the world of fast pace, uniqueness is abundant and genius is on the road. So, now what matters and what makes one stand out in his time is a time tested approach towards his goal.

These Quotes Portray Your Heroes!

The want and desire woven in human skeleton is what makes us humans. You might not know where life will take you, but you always have it in some part of you, that that place must be more beautiful and closer to your ambition than your present state. I know this, because I’m also human. As cynical as this truth may sound it is fortunately or unfortunately, transfixed in our very existence and has since always stimulated the race of human mind’s achievements and has made up for their social system. Ambition is natural and hence the absolute want for life to change from ditches to palaces and from ordinary to extraordinary is a part and parcel of being homo sapiens. Moments of absolute failure sparked up by the shadows of a hopefully better future are not a rare happening. A convenient Guide: Money, ownership, power, success and fame are as natural to be wanted as the transience of life and hence a pathway to climb higher is very much in demand these days. But owing to the narrowness of time and space one of the easiest ways to seek guidance in a condensed and easy to absorb form is to listen to the sayings of people whose life’s are exemplified and whose names have gone down in the pages of human legacy.

Highly Relatable!

It is human to want to relate and seek guidance but what better way is there to do so than seeking It from someone whose ways are talked of, taught of and exemplified. Extraordinary people, extraordinary words: Glory and fame do not come to all, there has to be some extraordinary reason, some stand out factor, some out of the way step, that catches the eye of human history and makes the heads of historians and writers turn. All have had the bitter soup of life down their throats, but while some gagged it out some others swallowed it and made the best of it and such are the people whose tongues uttered wiser philosophy than millions of weaklings. These people are known widely for their extraordinary actions and their words are jotted down in journals and kept in archives all around the world for people to take inspiration from and learn. And learning happens best when you can relate. The feeling of being at home: It always happens in the ascending order. Now famous were once unknown too and hence a common man can easily relate his state of affairs and get inspired. Reading relatable quotes lifts the burden of solitude from ones heart. It is because it is human nature to want to believe that they can do something against the odds and inspirational quotes uttered from the tongues of people who did exactly that, are a necessary reassurance and tend to strengthen a person’s insides and provide him with self-confidence.

They are Timeless

Initially perhaps these quotes uttered in odd circumstances and rostrum speeches might not mean much to you and you might think of them as fairytales and tales of valour from another time and another era altogether. You might look at them as words outdated and not applicable but one concrete truth is, that trials and tribulations have been bringing the same challenges to people as they used to do from day one and hence allow each and every person to relate and even hold ideals in another soul that they think has faced these trials in better ways than them. So this proves that it is evident that all sayings quoted by extraordinary men are a legacy of human history. A source of motivation: The motivation and clarity of mind and soul at finding your direction out via someone else’s experience and not having to go through it yourself and having to face the entire trial and error process is definitely a comfort, allowing the words based on solid experiences and uttered from the tongues of a famous being to act as a positive stimulus. The words of famous personalities aim to teach, motivate, relate and encourage other people, providing them with self-confidence and self-awareness that they lack, because the people who have uttered them are not ordinary in any sense. Everyone at some difficult time in their lives has to go through trials and tribulations and get dragged along with the fast moving pace of human marathon. In these moments of puzzlement and confusion a few words of encouragement that have stood universal tests can seriously help to lift at least a little burden.

They Cater to Particular Issues!

Quotes available everywhere from bill boards to libraries to archives and internet are of a lot of types and cater different emotional and practical situations.

They Are Empathetic

Some of them have a very empathetic tone and provide a person with the lost confidence and motivation as they will get absorbed and stitched in a person’s being, allowing him to learn that survival is very much possible and like one of his ideals he too can get out of this trial and end up way ahead than where he is stuck. Such positive stimulus is undoubtedly a God send rescue. It allows him to accept his position and motivates him to think and try to get out of this situation that is surely temporary and a timely process, that will end now or then and good times will surely happen. Hence, this faith allows him to have belief in his capacities and he picks himself up folds his sleeves and asks life to bring it on.

They provide you with Vigor

Then there are the energetic ones with positive motivating illustrations that help a person get the feeling of boost and clear the dustbin where he keeps his hopelessness helping him to more vividly seek out the best way to succeed and stick to it. They teach him that being pessimistic and standing frozen and postponing the acceptance of one’s chance, even if tiny. And such procrastination and delay is the biggest form of self-created hurdle in the way of success.

Famous Quotes are Advisors

Finally there are the quotes which possess an advisory character. Like that of a mother telling her child the universal ticks and tocks of life, helping him to channel his energies and nurturing him enough to cope with certain situations and providing them with the strength and inspiration required to channel his ambitious entities into the ones of faith, belief, motivation, enthusiasm, understanding, acceptance and effort. These quotes bring forward the message that falling down is not the end as one can get up and look life in the face again. Mistakes make us all human and are a proof of the existence of the bravery and courage that is required to try and take risks, in a person. Such quotes are a very good choice for sharing with people who seem like they need a push and a boost in their lives and require a statement to live by

Eternal Friends!

The famous quotes and excerpts from certain speeches and arguments from different parts of history that now make up most of the soft board decorations in our schools and the embellishments on road signs and the encouraging factors in text books, are undoubtedly one of the best elements of literary involvement in daily life. Keeping a gallery of this sort, full of inspirational and motivational quotes from famous personalities that is portable and has a take along capacity can be one of your most powerful assets as they will remind you of the trust that needs to be there in your capabilities and tendencies. It will hold you up in times of failure and tell you to just let go of this loss and start making efforts for the future one. If we Broaden the perspective of life: The purpose of such inspiration inducing quotes presented under the shadow of a heroic person and heroic circumstances by no means is to vainly boast off someone’s legacy and magnify someone’s glory to make the reader feel small and insignificant in comparison to a being that made it big despite all the odds. Rather their purpose is to broaden your perspective of life and to induce vastness in your acceptance of lows in life and the achievement of your ambitions. For example you are not required to think that you are 30 and practically a failure whereas Alexander was 30 and had the half world conquered rather you are to think that if he could you can too. These quotations aim at setting your vision of life right with the help of wise words baked in the heat of experience and trials.

Famous People and Their Lives

What we have around us are some of the best examples of people in surplus fields of life whose names and actions are on the tongue of every individual and who have truly earned the glory and name, by paying what is known, as the highest of all prices; sweat and blood. From war fields to literature and from IT to arts each and every field has a countless list of famous personalities to offer that have stood the test of the natural and the artificial have emerged as glorious beings that are idolized by majority of the people. These figures have led their lives with utmost care and have them as open books with experiences and events for others to learn from. They have had their words jotted down which are accessible all over the world in archives, in journals books and papers. They have, by spilling their life and its experiences in a condensed verbal form, allowed other lost and wandering souls to calibrate their compasses, in order to easily navigate their paths up to the fulfillment of their dreams. A list of such legends include freedom fighters such as Gandhi, Jinnah, Attaturk and several other personalities that have given us an endless understanding of revolution, nationalism, freedom and the struggles associated with them. Then there are the ones who fought for equality, fraternity and women empowerment, the ones like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King jr who against all odds stood for the creation of an equal social system and the impacts of whose efforts are still visible in the less radical and sexist community. Literary figures like Emily Dickinson, Charles Dickens, George Orwell, Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Sylvia Plath , Ernest Hemingway and several others who have and left for us a legacy of literary wonders and have left for others an inspirational legacy in the form of their quotes are no less credible. People like Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and several other brainiacs are also the accessories of this list And had we not been bounded by time and word limit the list would have gone on and on, including people from the world of astronauts, to art legends like Picasso and Da Vinc, people from film industry, education activists and several other arenas of life.

Sources of Famous Quotes

Millions and trillions of quotes from famous ideals crowd the libraries, archives and internet. And a number of mobile applications, programs, websites, pages and books are singularly dedicated to this cause. They are easily accessible and can be viewed, read and downloaded with a just single click. Sites including Goodreads, Brainy quotes, Pinterest, Tumblr etc even have specified columns for individual personalities that allow their quotes to be shared. Along with these a lot of sites even make illustrations based on these quotes and spread the message across the internet.

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 To all those trying to grab life by its reins and tying to tame their fate I hope that you find your soul guidance in the form of one of these inspiring sayings that legendary people have left behind for us extracted from sheer experience. Condensed into a couple of lines these quotes are really powerful in their essence and can have deep impacts. Always remember that it is only human to seek guidance and does not make one smaller. We all need a mentor and what better way is there than to make a golden saying your guardian angel.

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