6 Innovative Alarm Clocks That Will Wake You Up For Sure


The problem with human body is that it gets used to things to which it is exposed on a daily basis. For instance, the alarm tone that might wake you up for 4 days won’t work too well on the 5th day because your mind is accustomed to the sound and it won’t really bother you at all. However, due to this phenomena, you will find yourself getting late from work or school every now and then. The solution is to think out of the box and come up with an alarm clock that beats this human psychology behavior. Check out the following innovative designs for alarm clocks that are bound to make you get up from bed!

6. Clocky6. Clocky

Clocky is the alarm clock with wheels and these wheels come into play when the alarm sets off; the engines roar into action and clocky will start speeding in your room. The only way to stop is by getting up from bed and then turning the alarm off.  You can get it here

5. Snuznluz Clock5. Snuznluz

This is the real deal folks; if you don’t turn off this alarm clock, it will connect to Wi-Fi and start donating your money to charities that you probably don’t want to ever donate to!

4. Helicopter Alarm Clock4. Helicopter Alarm

Helicopter alarm is another alarm clock that runs on the principle of catch-me-to-turn-me-off. The helicopter takes off when the alarm is set off and you have to catch it and place it on the base plate to turn it off. You can get it here

3. Bacon Alarm Clock3. Bacon Alarm

Would you like to wake up to the pleasant scent of freshly baked bacon in your bed? That is the idea behind Bacon alarm clock. It serves fresh baked bacon in your bed to wake you up.

2. The IQ Alarm Clock2. The IQ Alarm Clock

If you want this clock’s alarm to shut down then you have to answer the complicated questions that this alarm clock poses.

1. Floor mat Alarm Clock1. Floormat Alarm Clock

This clock won’t stop ringing the alarm until you step on the floormat! You can get it here

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