6 Genius Ways To Get Free Internet At Home And In Public Places Legally


In a world where people love to keep up with the Joneses, spend exorbitantly on bills, and source for money to settle creditors with IVA or the Scottish debt help, it is only logical that everyone is looking for ways to cut back on their day to day expenses if only to save enough to meet other pressing financial demands. In light of this fact, one of the most popular areas where people like to hack down their expenses is in the area of internet connections and wifi.

With internet connectivity, the idea is always to find where or how one can find internet access for free, or at the very least, for cheap. Unfortunately, no one will really place an ad in front of their stores, shops, or properties advertising that they’re giving people free internet access, neither will the friendly neighbor next door grant you access to their Wifi passwords (no one really jokes with their passwords), which means that you either have to purchase your own or get creative with your sourcing options. And speaking about getting creative, I’m pretty sure that you’ve just clicked on the right post! Right within the context of this post, we’ll share with you several free internet hacks that will not only help you cut back on your browsing, surfing, downloading, and chatting costs but also prevent you from landing in any trouble for using the internet illegally.


As a company based in Los Angeles, California, FreedomPop runs on the belief that everyone deserves a chance to go online and have fun, and in an attempt to bring this to fruition, they’ve been providing consumers with different options. FreedomPop offers talk, text, chat, and data plans, which start at $0.00 per month. Yes, you read that, right! You can purchase a phone where you’ll sign up for a device and plan when you checkout. You will be mailed a phone; then, you will have to download their messaging app to begin the service. With the aid of their VoIP, you will be able to use a data connection to power the calls and texts that you use. With the CDMA device bought directly from FreedomPop, 500MB is guaranteed a month.


Unlike FreedomPop, NetZero isn’t so generous, and they only offer users up to 10 hours per month for free, but you have the opportunity to raise your usage by applying for a paid plan. But even at that, the free 10 hours you get is still enough for someone who’s not a heavy internet user, after all, no one really likes spending loads of money on things they barely use.


There is no searching for the meaning again; it is exactly what it sounds like – a map of wifi spots! All you have to do is download the app on your smart device or install the software on your computer, and you will gain access to millions of wifi spots around you. Imagine visiting an area where free wifi connections are being provided and not being able to leverage this opportunity simply because you aren’t able to detect it, that would really be an awful shame. The beauty of the wifimap is that if the wifi you’re connected to isn’t that great, you can always disconnect from it and search for another around you to tap into. In case you’re wondering whether this is legit or not, you can check them out on Forbes, CNN, Lifehacker, and The Wall Street Journal, they’ve been featured on all.

Wifi free spot

Another wonderful alternative is the wifi free spot. As a directory, wifi free spot will list all of the local free wifi hotspots on a state-by-state basis for you to choose from. But in addition to these listings, you’ll also get”

  • Large companies (e.g., McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks, HP, etc.)
  • Airports
  • Malls, hotels, inns, restaurants, and bars
  • Vacation rental properties
  • RV parks and campgrounds


While the above alternatives will only show you available wifi options around you, InstaBridge offers much more than that. It will provide you with wifi passwords on the go, as well as walking distance to the wifi spots closest to you, and the performance level of the said connection too. So you don’t just walk down to a wifi spot only to discover that its connection is weak. InstaBridge was originally created as a way to share your home wifi with your friends on Facebook. But it has evolved ever since then into a larger wifi sharing company. Not to worry, InstaBridge knows the wifi that works and will automatically connect you with it, while keeping you off the ones that aren’t working.


This may sound pretty obvious, but it is a possibility that people sometimes forget and miss out on it. Did you know that in most establishments you visit, there are free internet connections available? All you have to do is ask! Sometimes the agent, waitress, or personnel attending to you might not even remember to tell you, but when you ask, they will surely get you connected. Some of the popular places where you’ll likely find these opportunities include

  • Coffee shops (e.g., Starbucks)
  • Hotels
  • Firms
  • Offices
  • Public Spaces
  • Gardens
  • Galleries
  • Private properties
  • Restaurants
  • And lots more

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