6 Amazing City Transformations Around The World

World cities transformations

There is nothing more exciting than to see a city grow and reach its true potential. We have compiled a list of cities that will show you what they were and what they have become to give you an idea of the direction they are headed. Check out the list below and be amazed by these wonderful transformations of the cities.

6. NYC 1876-201311 NYC 1876-2013

5. Times Square

1950’s9 Times Square, 1950's

Present Day10 Times Square, Present Day

4. Dubai

19907 Dubai, 1990

20078 Dubai, 2007

3. Tokyo, Japan

19455 Tokyo, Japan 1945

20116 Tokyo, Japan 2011

2. Singapore

19743 Singapore, 1974

2005Singapore, 2005

1. Seoul River, South Korea

19611 Seoul River, South Korea 1961

20112 Seoul River, South Korea 2011



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  1. Ruben de Jong Reply

    They should ad Rotterdam, the Nazi’s bombed it to the ground, but it is rebuild and awesome!

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