50,000 Liters Of Wine Floods Out of Spanish Winery After Wine Tank Fails


We often see someone break the wine glass at a dinner party and its a painful thing to watch such an expensive and delectable drink go to waste. The breaking of the beautiful wine glass is not as heartbreaking as the wastage of good and old wine in such incidents.

A similar incident took place in Spain but at a much larger scale than the spill of a single glass of wine. The workers in a winery had to witness the spill from a wine tank, and there were 50,000 liters of red wine flooded on the road. As per the Cope, the winery where such a horrific incident occurs is located in Villamalea, Albacete, in central Spain.

The spill started, and in no time, such a massive amount of premium wine was flooded all over the place. All the winery workers could do was to watch the premium drink go to the wastage, and at most, make a video. It truly is one of the most painful things to see for a wine lover.

It's Flooding Red Wine In A Spanish Town Due To A Winery Container Burst

The road surrounding the storage tanks area turned to red as being flooded from one of the most premium wines in the world. It is not clear who would be held accountable for the faulty maintenance of storage tanks, as clearly it was caused due to significant damage to the metal of one of the tanks.

Bodegas Vitivinos winery was founded in 1969 and now produces six million kilos of grapes per annum. The end product wine from here is dark cherry colored thanks to its wide variety of grapes inclusive of bobal and tempranillo.

The incident went viral on Twitter and other online social platforms, marking one of the saddest news of 2020. The video made by one of the workers shows a horrific and scary scene where it appears like tonnes of blood spilled on the road, as seen in horror blood-shedding movies.

We all have seen and heard of numerous oil spills causing damage to marine life and the loss of millions of dollars. However, such a massive leakage of wine is not common, and believe me, it is a different level of pain for the classy wine lovers.


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