5 Ways Pokémon GO Could Revolutionize Technology


Pokemon Go fever is taking over the world and the popular mobile game has amassed millions of downloads. Today, we explore out all the possible applications of this cool new technology used in Pokemon Go.

  1. PokéDating Apps
    Pokémon GO is truly revolutionizing the meaning of the word socializing. Never before has a gaming app brought so many people outdoors at once. You can now see people fighting over bragging rights on the sidewalks, either with Pokéstops or locking horns for gyms; but it is yet to go a step further and truly bring people together (IYKWIM). But the way things are going, it is only a matter of time before we hear about people bumping into each other chasing the same Pokémon, and hitting it off. It can be turned into a PokéTinder, where you can search the yellow team and check out someone’s collection of Pokémon for match making purposes. Is it worth the trouble if they only have a few weak Diglets? All in all, there is a lot potential in using this game for friend-making purposes.
  2. Pokéfit Apps
    Forget about your Fitbit, Myfitnesspal and all other fitness apps which you open only after a plethora of pushy notifications from them. With Pokéfit you will be able to stay fit while catching that rare Pokémon that you were searching for days. It already is a phenomenon, with tons of couch potatoes getting the hang of outdoors after ages, catching Pokémon around the town. With people already breaking their comfort zones and actually getting out into the “wild”, why not encourage them with the step count and probably the number of calories brunt while finding their Pokémon. The caught Pokémon can be their milestones, and maybe the developers can introduce a mode where the Pokémon will require a bit more skill and athletic prowess to catch. This seriously can be a huge hit with Pokémon fans and fitness freaks.
  3. Pokéglass
    Is it the time to revive the Google Glass concept? With Pokémon GO hype tearing through the roof, this might be our best chance to do so. This concept would finally enable us to realize the true power of Google Glass, as the players would be able to enjoy augmented reality of Pokémon GO while keeping a line of sight of what lies ahead of them. This would make the game even more realistic, and all the while we don’t have to keep looking at the android screens at a neck breaking angle.

    Credits: Youtube 
  4. PokéMnemonics
    How does the idea of an embedded Pokémon GO database in our brains sound? Our extensive library of Pokémon would be stored securely in id tour minds and gym battles would become mental battles as we deploy our collection of Pokémon in a bid to win the bragging rights. A gentle headbutt would be enough to trade a Pokémon, and hence we would be transferring digital data using physical analogies. This would be a huge step in augmented reality as the visual world of Pokémon GO is would be generated without using Pokéglass.
  5. PokéVR
    The first thing that came into your head after minutes of playing Pokémon GO, “wouldn’t it be amazing if we could sit on our bums and then play this amazing game around the town?” Although this would kill the hype of enabling socialization among the people, but at least a version of it would be an awesome edition. Maybe using Pokédrones we could utilize our Virtual Reality gear and “Catch ’em all” without leaving the comfort of our bed.Is augmented reality the future of gaming ? And can it really co-exist with Virtual Reality in the gaming market?Can Pokémon GO really revolutionize all the technologies like we think it will?Comment below!

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