5 Places So Cheap You May Not Need To Work Again In Your Life

Cheapest place to live in the world

Did you ever wish that you could just quit your job, sit back and just enjoy your life instead of worrying about the day-to-day hassles? While you may not be able to afford this at your current residence, but below is the list of the cheapest locations around the globe where you can spend your entire month easily with close to nothing in your pocket!

5. Santa Familia, Cayo, Belize

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Cayo is a heaven for anyone looking to disconnect and unplug from the world. While Belize lacks paved roads and tall buildings, it is more of a small town in the Midwest. The government is pretty passive so, it leaves its residents well alone.

Total monthly budget if you want to live in Belize: $1,200 per person (2,397.50 Belize dollars)

Rent: 1,200 Belize dollars

Transportation: 190 Belize dollars

Gas: 25 Belize dollars

Electricity: 350 Belize dollars

Water: 12.50 Belize dollars

Telephone: 100 Belize dollars

Internet: 100 Belize dollars

Cable TV: 45 Belize dollars

Entertainment: 175 Belize dollars

Groceries: 200 Belize dollars

4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Chiang Mai is originally an ancient city where old and modern Buddhist temples stand side by side with the state of the art architecture, international schools, residential and commercial colonies. Although you will need to learn some basic Thai to live here, it’s a pretty sweet deal when you can thrive!

Total monthly budget if you want to live in Thailand: $1,000 per person (36,380 Thai baht)

Rent: 25,000 Thai Baht

Transportation: 400 Thai Baht

Gas: 300 Thai Baht

Electricity: 2,000 Thai Baht

Water: 200 Thai Baht

Telephone: 600 Thai Baht

Internet: 1,000 Thai Baht

Cable TV: 1,100 Thai Baht

Entertainment: 1,280 Thai Baht

Groceries: 4,500 Thai Baht

3. Barcelona, Spain

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Here’s an unexpected addition, Barcelona, the northeastern Spanish city on the Mediterranean Sea. The city is known for its vibrant, colorful and proud citizens. It offers an incredibly affordable lifestyle! Filled with the Spanish passion, Catalan efficiency and organization; it’s the only city that hasn’t been dampened by Spain’s ongoing economic woes.

Total monthly budget if you want to live in Spain: $1,600 per person (€1,518.60)

Rent: €900

Transportation: €40

Gas: €80

Electricity: €60

Water: €20

Telephone: €45

Internet: 0

Cable TV: €20

Entertainment: €153.60

Groceries: €200

4. Granada, Nicaragua

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Nicaragua has a sad history, but at present, it is a beautiful hideout attracting many romantics, poets, travelers and most importantly, bargain hunters. The city Granada offers a life at a cost that is a steal.

Total monthly budget if you want to live in Nicaragua: $1,225 per person (35,945 córdobas)

Rent: 22,870 córdobas

Transportation: 500 córdobas

Gas: 290 córdobas

Electricity: 3,525 córdobas

Water: 285 córdobas

Telephone: 150 córdobas

Internet/Cable TV: 1,000 córdobas

Entertainment: 2,450 córdobas

Groceries: 4,875 córdobas

5. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo

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This laid-back and tranquil city is one of the most friendly destinations in Asia. With warm people and small costs when it comes to rent, food, healthcare and transportation, it is widely known as the cheapest place to live in Asia!

Total monthly budget if you want to live in Malaysian Borneo: $850 per person (3,833 ringgits)

Rent: 2,500 ringgits

Transportation: 100 ringgits

Gas: 30 ringgits

Electricity: 200 ringgits

Water: 20 ringgits

Telephone: 50 ringgits

Internet: 60 ringgits

Cable TV: 70 ringgits

Entertainment: 253 ringgits

Groceries: 550 ringgits


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