5 Must Have Website Features For 2021

Website design has come a long way since the static pages of the 1990s. Now, businesses have the means to create websites that offer an immersive experience. These sites can tie into the brand and create a connection with new and existing customers. 

However, the world of web design is continuously evolving. The design choices you make today will impact how customers see you and how Google ranks your site. Additionally, what works today might not work tomorrow.

Here are five must-have website features for 2021.

Minimalist Design

When it comes to modern web design, less is more. To take a minimalist approach to your website, you don’t need an artistic, sterile feeling page. Minimalism in design refers to easy navigation, clear actions, and clean code. 

Work with a web development company with a deep understanding of how users and Google crawl a website. The less a customer has to scroll and click through pages to find what they need, the more likely they are to transact. Additionally, the more streamlined your site map and web design structure, the better you’ll rank on Google from a technical SEO standpoint.

Mobile-Optimized Interface

Mobile search utilization nearly doubled from 2013 to 2019. While desktop computers aren’t quite going the way of home landlines yet, people are gravitating toward mobile devices for searching, shopping and browsing. Unfortunately, finding a design that works for both desktop and mobile can be challenging. 

Many of the DIY website packages have minimal editing capabilities for mobile optimization — unless you know how to code custom CSS. Work with a web developer to ensure your site follows best practices for both mobile and desktop navigation.

Strong Security

Another essential consideration for websites in 2021 is cybersecurity. There are numerous reasons why this is more important now than ever. First and foremost, as mobile use is now predominant, that means more people are accessing your site through public networks. Additionally, legislation surrounding privacy and information protection has increased in recent years.

Ensure that your site has an SSL Certificate to provide trust to human visitors and rank higher with crawlers. A skilled developer or IT consultant can also help identify what needs to happen on the back end to keep your data safe. Web development technologies are evolving, and most of the modern web frameworks are capable of providing security features. To ensure attack prevention, make sure that your software is regularly updated to the latest version.

Well-Placed Action Buttons

Having strong calls to action and well-placed links is a must for any website. Traditionally, website designers would have one clear CTA button. Now, the best practice is to include multiple buttons on a single page. 

The logic behind this change is that having more transaction points will reduce customer friction by removing the expectation that they’ll scroll back or forward to a button. 

For example, your sales page might have five modules outlining how great your product is. Some customers might be ready to transact after scrolling past two of the benefit modules. Others may need a bit more convincing. By having CTA buttons incorporated throughout the page, you’re meeting the customer where they are in the purchase decision stage.

Easy-to-Find Customer Support

It’s integral to have clear contact information and numerous ways to get in touch with a company. Many businesses will include a live chat to make it easier for visitors to ask questions and find relevant information. Ensuring all social media links work and that the main contact information is visible on the home page is a must.

Companies should also consider how they’re offering proactive customer service on their website. Having an FAQ page and clear shipping and delivery information will help offset customer inquiries and empower website visitors to own the sales process.

Every website, regardless of the business or industry, should have these key features in 2021.

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