5 Most Creepy Science Experiments Of All Time

Science can be beautiful and has given us a number of reasons to be happy. It makes our life easier but at the same time, it has an ugly side as well. There have been a number of creepy science experiments in the past that fascinate us. We will take a look at 5 sets of the most creepy science experiments of all time.

Unit 731

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Biological warfare was common in the world wars and we know what the Russians and the Germans did in their experiments but they were not the only ones. The Japanese Imperial Army’s Unit 731 carried out some inhuman activities in the name of science. The unit was set-up in 1938 and was tasked with developing weapons for biological warfare.

Support was provided to the unit by Japanese universities and medical schools in the form of doctors and research staff. Thousands of Chinese prisoners and Asian civilians were treated as guinea pigs to develop killer diseases. They were infected with cholera, anthrax, plague and other pathogens. As if that wasn’t enough some of the prisoners were cut open without anesthesia and some of them were put in pressure chambers to see how much pressure a human-being can take without bursting.


Two-Headed Dogs

Vladimir Demikhov is remembered as the successful surgeon who advanced science in the field of organ transplant and coronary surgery. He was the first person to perform a successful coronary artery bypass operation on a warm-blooded creature. But, less known are his creepy science experiments that can make you squeamish.

Perhaps the most famous of them is the two-headed dog experiment. He stitched the head, shoulders and front legs of a puppy onto the neck of a German shepherd. The surgery was a success and both dogs had the ability to move around independent of each other but the dogs died due to tissue rejection. That did not stop him and he went on to create 20 such two-headed dogs but the longest any dog survived was one month. These were the experiments that helped him understand organ transplant.

Testicle Transplants

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Leo Stanley was the physician in charge at the San Quentin Prison in California and he carried out a really disturbing experiment. He used to surgically transplant the testicles of executed criminals into the inmates of the prison. Stanley held the belief that all the males who committed crimes were low on testosterone and raising these levels would have an inverse effect on the crimes committed.

More than 600 inmates were a victim of these creepy science experiments. If this wasn’t already crazy enough, when there was a shortage of human testicles, he went on to inject liquified animal testicles into the prisoners. The physician believed that his experiments were working and explained that a Caucasian prisoner claimed to feel energetic after testicles from an executed African-American convict were transplanted.

Zombie Dogs

Russian scientists Dr. Sergei Brukhoneko and Boris Levinskovsky released a video of dog heads that were kept alive by an artificial blood circulation system. These experiments are known as the revival of organisms. They made a special heart-lung apparatus called the autojektor. The scientists showed that the dog heads were responsive to sounds as they wiggled their ears and their eyes blinked. They were even able to lick their mouths.

This experiment was repeated in 2005 once again, this time by the Americans. The scientists flushed all blood from the body of the dog and replaced it with oxygen and sugar-filled saline. These dogs were dead and after three hours, a blood transfusion, and an electric shock, the dogs were back into the realm of the living.


(Source: Interesting Engineering)

MKUltra is one of the crazy science experiments carried out by the CIA to develop mind-control techniques to use against enemies in a war. This experiment lasted for more than ten years between 1950 and 1970. Originally, the project was started to stay ahead in the mind-control technology. The scope, however, was redefined and resulted in illegal drug testing on thousands of Americans.

Drugs like LSD and other chemicals were used to alter brain functions and manipulate the mental states of the people. The project was then shut down and all the documentation was ordered to be destroyed. But, in 1977 the Freedom of Information Act released more than 20,000 pages on the program.


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