5 Home Innovations Only Engineers Could Think Of!


Engineers are known for their shrewd and creative thinking and their extraordinary solutions to seemingly impossible problems. The same can be applied to their homes, where you can always witness an engineer’s creativity and brilliance. Today, we will bring 5 amazing completely original home innovations that only an engineers could think of!. You all are welcome to apply these mods, of course!

1) Increase Internet Speeds Without Any Additional Costs:

Pic Credits: Quora

This engineer had a DSL connection (specifically ADSL2+) installed at his home. So he decided to use a DSL splitter & dedicated “homerun” from the demarcation point (aka MPOE) to the DSL jack (where the DSL modem lies). It is to be noted that this is opposed to in-line splitters for each phone jack that a typical DSL entails. Just this increased internet speeds > 2x (from ~6Mbps to ~15 Mbps). So it is worth a shot using the splitter/homerun vs. using the in-line splitters in case something is attenuating the DSL tones.


2) Save Water Using Tankless Wall Mount Dual-Flush Toilet:

Pic Credits: hswstatic

Tankless toilets are a great way to save space and look a lot more elegant and minimalist. The bowl is wall mounted, which allows the floor underneath to be cleaned easily. And the dual flush options allows first to flush liquid waste (using half the water in the tank) and the other for flushing solids, which saves a whole lot of water!


3) Wash Your Clothes In Style:

Pic Credits: Quora

If you hate doing laundry and only want to survive on a single piece of clothing, simply wash your shirt in the night, and hang it on the fan for drying and it’ll be ready for you the next morning. Repeat until you overcome your lazy self!


4) Hang Your Shoes Using Towel Bars To Save Space:

Pic Credits: Quora

As ladies might know, their high heels shoes are usually too tall to fit into any shoe closet. This means having to stack up your shoes on one another or simply leaving them in a mess out of exasperation. But this set of 4, 24″ double towel bars usually used in the bathrooms could save you a whole lot of money on shoe closets while stacking all your shoes neatly.

This will also reduce the pain of accidentally knocking off shoes when removing a nearby pair. And you can put a plastic shelf liner on the wall to make sure it doesn’t get scuffed.

5) Use Two Dishwashers At The Same Time: 

Pic Credits: Quora

This might sound over the top, but actually, it’s a pretty sweet idea. Instead of using cabinets to put your dishes, you can simply install an additional dishwasher to transfer dishes between the two. This will save you the pain of loading/unloading, and also saves cabinet space for other items. And since you only run one dishwasher at a time, so it’s not wasting any additional water either.

Have any other home modifications you want to share with us?

Let ’em rip in the comments section below!


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