5 Effective Tips For Hiring Engineers In 2020

This article provides the most up-to-date and effective tips for hiring engineers in 2020 that will help to engage potential employees into your startup or any other business.

To attract and hire top engineers in 2020, HR specialists should implement more effective recruitment approaches than earlier. So, let’s consider the following 5 tips to hire experienced engineers so that you know how to coincide with job searchers’ expectations, encourage great interest in a vacant position, and, finally, find and hire engineers.

Optimize the Hiring Process

Most recruiters explain that it takes around three weeks to conduct interviews with candidates and send a job offer. However, engineering talents are rarely ready to wait more than 2 weeks for an offer. Engineers either lose engagement regarding the role or stay at their current job.

To shorten the hiring procedure, experts in the HR sphere recommend performing the following steps:

·        IT recruiters should schedule interviews before posting the job. It occurs quite often that hiring managers delay interviews due to their overloaded-with-tasks calendars. So, talk to the hiring manager and decide upon booking two hours a day for a week and get them set in stone. Do that before you start receiving CVs for a vacant position;

·        HR specialists should confirm milestones with hiring managers before posting the job. You know, when looking for an ideal candidate, the search may last six months (believe, we are not joking here). Hiring managers tend to be extremely picky! To prevent that, everyone involved in the procedure should agree on an exact date for the final decision.

Never Stick to a Certain Location

Searching for good candidates with reference to a certain location is not a good idea, ok? You may find a rare talent to perfectly fit the position who lives in another city or country. Such international applicant tracking apps like Workable, BambooHR, and Jobvite come in handy here. Such tools monitor and analyze CV data, and give an applicant a score depending on their qualification. By reducing the number of candidates you will effectively speed up the hiring procedure.

By the way, a great platform to hire an experienced team for your project is engineering services at Engre. They will suggest specialists for any project in any engineering industry.

Maximize Job Posting Visibility

Effective tips for hiring engineers involve choosing hard-hitting candidate search spots where recruiters should increase job posting visibility.

Well, most recruiters post job openings on their company website and key job platforms like LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, or Glassdoor. However, that is not enough for attracting engineering professionals in 2020. Experts in IT recruitment analytics report that among Millennials and Gen-Xers (that are the target audience for the engineering sphere), about seventy percent of job seekers use Google search to monitor potential jobs. Recruiters, take advantage of that info!

Getting your vacant positions to sprinkle in Job Search on Google results increases your chances that a vacancy will be noticed by engineers. So, there exist two methods how to light up in Job Search on Google: cooperate with job boards that partner with Job Search for Google or markup your career page from official website to appear in Job Search (the last option requires support from your local IT specialists, most probably).

Implement Recruiting Marketing

To succeed in hiring even for the most complicated positions for your startup/business, recruiters should never forget about the existence of passive candidates on the job market. In this case, an excellent solution is to use content marketing, social media, and many other options to reach both engineering specialists and talented college students. Engaging passive job seekers require that a recruiter applies an individual approach based on marketing strategies of their startup/business. Still, a few ideas to implement recruitment marketing are as follows:

·        They may conduct research with the goal to figure out the most appropriate user handles and hashtags to implement in their social media posts. Once you include those in posts, you will reach to the audience who currently don’t follow your startup’s account;

·        A recruiter may encourage their company’s employees to leave reviews of the company to such job search platforms as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc. Additionally, HR teams may prepare stories about the company culture for the marketing team to share that on Insta and Facebook. Such stories may be truly useful for updating LinkedIn company profiles. All those things will upgrade the company’s online branding as a desired employer.

Think about Individual Approach in Recruitment

Use the above-mentioned tip as a basis for personal ideas. In case you have a solid budget, you may suggest to make up a movie about the corporate culture and values your company provides and share that on Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Companies that once followed such campaigns ensure that they increase visits to the careers section of the employer’s official website by around four hundred (!) percent.

If recruiters collaborate with marketing specialists to come up with solutions regarding the methods to implement marketing channels to find good engineering specialists, this will help to reach passive job seekers. The last are interested in new career perspectives but they rarely look for that at job boards.

Top Recruitment Challenges Engineering Startups Face

Nowadays startups have to cope with numerous challenges when hiring engineers for their projects. Let’s get acquainted with the most popular recruitment challenges in the engineering industry.

·        Lack of quality candidates. Startup success mostly depends on their team. Delays in hiring a relevant engineering specialist cause delays in product development. Unfortunately, the number one challenge consists in the lack of skilled candidates in a demanding industry. Higher-level roles possess a tendency to be more complex to fill because recruiters have to deal with a tiny pool of engineers;

·        High salary demands. Startups fight for top talents with both larger companies and smaller organizations. The last often provide unique benefits such as an unlimited vacation. However, larger companies suggest high salaries. This very aspect is often a barrier for startups to hire engineering gurus as they got used to and prefer projects that guarantee high financial compensation.

So, we have considered effective tips for hiring engineers in 2020 that include optimizing the hiring process, increasing job posting visibility, implementing recruitment marketing, etc. Despite modern HR specialists face numerous challenges like lack of talents and high salary expectations while searching for ideal engineering candidates, the above-mentioned tips should give chances to succeed more often in that. All you need is to start practicing the things from this article.

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