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5 Of The Coolest Products That You Have Not Heard Of

With the technological evolution, something new comes out every day, and it becomes quite difficult to keep track of all these innovative products. We picked five of the coolest products that probably did not get their due share of popularity. Have a look at the following list:

senz° – the Original Storm Umbrella

For a person walking through a windy rainstorm, an umbrella often becomes a struggle instead of help. If you have ever ended up in a heavy rainstorm, you might have preferred getting wet in the rain over struggling with an inside out or a shredded umbrella. In this scenario, Senz is quite valuable because it is your reliable rain partner.

Unlike the traditional ones, Senz is designed using aerodynamics principles. It can survive wind speeds of up to 100km/h. The tail is extended to save you from the water that rolls off the umbrella.

Source: Ippinka

You can get yours here, in different colors.

Easybreath Snorkeling Mask

If you are an adventurous person, you ought to love snorkeling. The experience may be incredible, but it surely isn’t comfortable. The snorkel mouthpiece is uncomfortable and unhygienic.

Tribord invented Easybreath, a full face snorkeling mask that allows you to breathe naturally and comfortably. Easybreath provides an unobstructed 180° vision. It prevents the glass from fogging up through its dual air flow system. It is also equipped with a mechanism that seals the top of snorkel when submerged preventing water from re-entering it. The high visibility prevents any collisions on the surface.

Source: Tribord

You can get Easybreath here for $29.99.

Flyboard: Iron Man Jet Pack

The Flyboard could be one of your Ironman fantasies. This personal jetpack allows you to fly around like Iron Man in a new water sport called flyboarding.

The Flyboard is equipped with hand stabilizers with an unrestricted ball bearing design which allows maneuvers both in air and underwater.

Source: Ippinka

Lechal Footwear – Haptic Shoe for the Blind

The purpose of Lechal Footwear is to provide intuitive and instinctive navigation using vibratory feedback at your feet. Lechal guides you through vibrations, giving a very detailed route guidance at every turn. It works offline so you can wander at any place without internet or data connectivity. Lechal is your all in one guide, your fitness tracker, and a fashion statement.

Source: Lechal

You can get your Lechal insoles here.

Kraftwerk – Portable Power Plant

Kraftwerk is a new fuel cell technology for mobile electronic devices. Entirely independent from the grid, Kraftwerk generates its energy using a small appliance. With a refueling time of 3 seconds, this 7-oz small handheld device runs on regular camping gas. One complete filling allows charging an iPhone fully up to 11 times. It is also approved by FAA to carry in airplanes.

Source: Kraftwerk

We hope you found these gadgets as useful as we did. We would appreciate your feedback in the comments’ section below!

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