5 Cool Ways To Open Any Lock Using Everyday Items

There aren’t many instances when you would need to pick a lock, but it’s always handy to know these survival tips in case the need arises. Almost all of the padlocks can be easily picked using everyday items and some improvisation, as illustrated in the two videos we bring to you today.

In the first video, MrGear helps us figure out three foolproof ways to hack any lock. The first is an elaborate technique of making a cast of the key using a melted solder wire and soft dough mold that also requires a lot of chiseling and fine tuning. Certainly a painstaking process, and a useless one in case you don’t have the original key to make the cast! But you can use this to make some cheap spare keys in case the push comes to the shovel.

The second technique is no bullshit way of opening a lock by using a BIC razor to slice through the steel lock and simply break it off. Sure it would ruin the lock but is certainly the most effective and the quickest one.

And in case you still want to keep your lock intact and not spend 2 hours casting a key, you can simply use a pointy object, in this case, a knife, to trigger the lock and snap it open. Watch the video below and see these three techniques in action.

In the second video, Show Maker brings two relatively new but slightly difficult techniques to pick a padlock. The first one comprises of using a credit card to create the same pattern as a key which apparently works like a charm. The second one is an ingenious technique where the YouTuber uses tin foil and tightly wraps it around the shackle/shank of the padlock. Then he twists it using a plais and amazingly snaps the lock open!

Do you have any of your own lock picking tricks?

Let us know in the comments’ section below!

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