Cross International Borders With These 5 Most Amazing Bridges Of The World

Bridge is one of the most magnificent pieces of architecture on the planet. Somewhere, some day, some place, someone is breaking a record for tallest, shortest, highest, or strongest bridge of the world. Those, however, are not as interesting as the ones we selected for you. Here is a list of the most impressive bridges that cross international borders.

5. Allenby – King Hussein Bridge, (Israel/Palestine & Jordan )

This bridge crosses the Jordan River to connect the West Bank, Jordan with the Jordanian and Israeli border control. The bridge is named as the Allenby bridge by the Israelis, Al-Karameh bridge by Palestinians, and King Hussein Bridge by Jordanians. Reserved for Palestinians and tourists, the bridge operates in tight cooperation between Israel, Palestinian Authority, and Jordan. Israeli citizens are forbidden to cross the bridge.

Allenby Bridge
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Originally built by the Ottomans in 1885, it was replaced by the British General Edmund Allenby in 1918. It was later destroyed in operation called the Night of the Bridges in 1946. Destroyed again during the six-day war in 1967, a temporary wooden bridge had to be rebuilt in 1968 under the Jordanian-Israeli Peace Treaty. The current version of the bridge was finally built by the end of 20th century.

4. Bridge of No Return  (North & South Korean)

Nope, this no typical border crossing you often see. Located in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, the bridge was used for prisoners’ exchange during the 1953 Korean War. The bridge was surrounded by military check posts on both sides. It was used for the last time in 1968 for prisoners’ exchange. After the murder of two US soldiers by North Korean soldiers in 1976, United Nations Command demanded a military demarcation line after which the North Koreans built another bridge in 72 hours. After that, the bridge of no return was never used again.

Bridge of No Return

3. Victoria Falls Bridge (Zimbabwe & Zambia)

The Zambezi River, just below the Victoria Falls, divides Zimbabwe and Zambia. This bridge is a classic for being a road, railway, and a pedestrian bridge. Spanning 198 meters, the parabolic arch bridge connects Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to Livingstone in Zambia. The bridge opened up in 1905 after one year of construction, making it one of the oldest on this list.

Source: Victoria Falls Bridge
Source: ZiMetro

2. Three Countries Bridge (Germany, France & Switzerland)

This one is quite exceptional because it doesn’t connect two, but sort of three international borders.

The bridge lies in Huningue, the south of Alsace, near the tripoint of France, Germany, and Switzerland. The bridge crosses the Rhine linking France to Germany. Although the bridge does not directly connect to Switzerland, you can easily get there if you are on the German side. From the top of the bridge, you can enjoy an amazing view of all the three countries.

The Three Countries Bridge
Source: Swiss Nature


1. Rainbow Bridge (USA & Canada)

For the love of Niagara Falls, you must love this one. The Rainbow bridge, stretching over 440 meters, opened up in 1941. Open to both pedestrians and vehicles, the bridge connects the USA to Canada. Offering a view of rainbows everyday over the breathtaking Niagara falls, the bridge is worth being on the top of this list.

Rainbow Bridge
Source: The Food Allergy Chronicles

They all are pretty amazing, aren’t they?

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