5 Amazing Medical Robots That Are Helping Save Lives

Robotics has come a long way. Robots are no longer just a part of sci-fi films but are becoming common in a myriad of fields. As automation becomes a part of more and more industries, Robots are increasingly used for a variety of tasks previously done by humans, particularly in the medical field.
Here are five amazing medical robots that are transforming the medical world.
1.Da Vinci Robot
The Da Vinci system is a $1.6 billion surgical system that is used by surgeons for minimally invasive surgery. The movement of the robot is operated remotely by a surgeon. The robot was approved by FDA in 2014 and is currently being used in the US for surgeries ranging from cardiac surgery to head and neck operations.



ViRob was developed to crawl through the human body, locate a tumor, and treat it with special drugs.

The robot is a neat little compact package measuring only one millimeter in length and four millimeters from end to end,.The robot has tiny arms controlled by an electromagnetic field to help it move in the body and help locate tumors.

The robot’s miniature dimensions allow it to navigate in different spaces within the human body like blood vessels easily.


RIVA, short for Robotic IV Automation was developed by Intelligent Hospital Systems and has automated the preparation of IV solutions in hospital pharmacies, making the process safer, cheaper and more efficient by reducing the need for human contact.


4.Robotic Nursing Assistant (RoNA)

The Robotic nursing assistant (RoNA) has been made to function as a nursing assistant and is designed to function under nurse control to lift patients weighing 500 pounds or more, in a safe way. The system is an intelligent, self-learning system, which is able to sense the center of gravity during the patient lift and adjust automatically using it’s haptic feedback and stability systems.

5.Xenex Robot

This Robot uses a  disinfecting mechanism to kill disease-causing microorganisms by using pulsed xenon, an environmentally-friendly inert gas, to create a full spectrum, high-intensity ultraviolet (UV) light that quickly destroys infectious germs. The Xenex Robot helps manage the systematic disinfection of any space within a healthcare facility.


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