40 Full HD New Zealand Wallpapers For Free Download: The Land of the Mystic

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The land of the ‘Kiwis’, New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere beside the Australian continent. The capital of Wellington is the most populous city, home to the Hakka rugby team. One of the fun facts to know is that there are more sheep in country than people in it. Due to its isolation from huge landmass, it has one of the most unique and undisturbed landscapes and mountains. The tranquillity of the place exudes exuberance, in that of the diversity in provides both flora and fauna. It is also the place where most of the shootings for the movie ‘Lord of the Rings’ took place.

A great place to go on trek is the Heaphy and Milford hiking path, the great attractions for those looking to catch a glimpse of uncurbed wilderness. Travel between places is easy and hassle free due to good roads and transport networks. It’s also a home to the Maori Tribe, indigenous to the region reflecting the heritage and tradition in their attire and way of living, mostly influenced by Polynesian culture even though Christianity is the predominant religion and English being the widely spoken language.

Seafood is one of the most widely eaten with Kina, Paua, Kumara being the regional favorites, yet internationally renowned chefs are creating a cuisine of their own. The chilly mountains of Milford Sound offer one of the best coffee and beer beverages in the world.

New Zealand has one of the highest numbers of animal diversities in the world; Rotura and Rapheau are some of the active geothermal volcanoes in the world, while exploring the glacial valleys of on the west coast.

From world class dining in Auckland to the mystics of Marlboro Sounds, from hot water beaches to bay water sands, The New Zealand Wallpaper offers more to the adventure and explorer to find oneself in the wild of things and nature; it offers more to it than it meets the eye. 

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  1. fenaa Reply

    I agree with Nathan. I’m a Canadian who lived in Kiwiland for about 4 years. The spelling/factual mistakes should all be corrected immediately. It’s very embarrassing for this website.

    Everyone should travel to NZ. Small country offering glaciers, surfing beaches, great fruit, amazing meat & some of the best pies every made.

  2. Nathan Reply

    As a New Zealander currently living in New Zealand, I can say this article is woefully inaccurate. Yes it’s the most beautiful country in the world but Wellington isn’t the most populous (Auckland is). Our awesome rugby team are the ‘All Blacks’ not the ‘Hakka’ – the ‘haka’ is a ceremonial war cry/dance. Kumara is not seafood, it’s like a potato. Not to mention all the spelling mistakes.

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