4 Simple Ways To Make Your Car Last Longer

Have you neglected your car this year? While many of us haven’t got behind the wheel as much due to the pandemic, it’s still just as important to keep yours in top condition, if not more so. 

A recent study found the average car repair cost in the UK has risen by 40% in six years – and ever-advancing technology means this trend is only likely to continue. Thankfully, there are lots of steps you can take to keep your vehicle on the road for years to come.

Here are four simple ways to make your car last longer.     

Drive sensibly

Driving with care is something we’re encouraged to do for several reasons. It’s safer and more fuel efficient for starters – but it can also significantly reduce general wear and tear.

That means accelerating and changing through gears smoothly, while anticipating what’s in front of you to avoid any sudden braking. Aggressive driving on the other hand could increase your repair bills as well as risking legal trouble. 

Check your tyres

It’s best to monitor tyre pressure and tread level regularly to avoid any nasty accidents or run-ins with the law. Under inflation can also increase your fuel consumption.

While some advise rotating your tyres from time to time, it’s generally a good idea to use the least worn tyres at the back. Installing run flat tyres meanwhile reduces the danger of a blowout – and they can even be driven at reduced speeds while you get to a garage.  

Top up your fluids

Much like drinking water, topping up your car’s fluids helps to keep everything running smoothly and avoid damage to internal features. 

Check your engine oil fortnightly to make sure your motor has a healthy supply. All you need is a rag, a dipstick and a few moments of your time under the bonnet. It makes sense to check and top up your coolant reservoir and screenwash at the same time.  

Get regular services

Booking a service may seem like an unnecessary cost, especially if you’ve not noticed any problems yourself. But sticking to a regular service schedule can help avoid pricier problems cropping up in the future. 

What that schedule looks like will depend on the age or mileage of your car. Generally speaking, it’s sensible to get a minor service once a year and a major service every two or three. 

Do you have confidence that your car is built to last? Follow the tips above to maintain its condition, prolong its lifespan and retain value.

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