3D Wonderland: 5 3D Printers Below $300


The world is full of technical wonders we only dreamed about when we were kids. Things such as touch screens, wifi, and other similar leaps in technological innovation have been pure science fiction for most of us. But science and technology are creating more and more things from science fiction movies and shows that it is just a matter of time.

A prime example of this would be the new technology of 3D printing. For most of us, the idea of 3D printing was too hard or too expensive to even pursue. We only saw it in movies like the Fifth Element which seemed too trivial to ever exist in the real world. But, now, a slew of 3D printers are already swamping the market. Take your pick of the best 3d printer under 300 for your own pleasure and enjoyment.

Anet 8

The Chinese Shenzhen Anet Technology brings you the compact and durable Anet 8. This bad boy combines affordability and usability into one sleekly designed 3D printer. This exciting product is built for your home desktop for easy and efficient use. It can be assembled with ease from the moment it arrives from shipping. 

The Anet 8 has a print volume of 220 x 220 x 240 mm and an accuracy of 0.1 mm that will bring you great joy in your daily printing endeavors. With its X and Y access precision rollers, it will make for a steady, smoother, and quieter printing experience. Its design, with the metal unibody and sound structure makes for a worthy addition to your monochromatic and minimalist anesthetic. 

Price: $166.99

Ender 3

This cool 3d printer for less than $300 prides itself for convenience and safety. Firstly, it protects your printer from unexpected and damaging power surges or fluctuations. It utilizes a highly efficient power supply with two separate fuses. It is easy to assemble upon arrival with minimal tweaks and work to be put into it. 

Upon shipment, the Creality Ender 3 has an included extruder nozzle, cleaning set, and a sample filament. This can set you going in an instant. It has a build volume of 220 x 220 x 250 mm. This offers you a larger space, even doubling what the Creality Ender 2 could offer previously. 

With the heating plate needing approximately only 5 minutes before it is ready, creating wonders with this machine is a cinch. 

Price: $229

MP Select Mini V2

Monoprice, a California-based company, offers this sleek and minimalistic 3D printer with seamstress vibes for that classic feel. The unit comes with a pre-programmed SD card with various designs. You can have endless fun with these designs as well as use them for a small business. It also comes with a sample of free PLA filament that will set you off the mark. 

The MP Select Mini V2 comes fully assembled. This will lessen your hassle of putting pieces together and is set to go from the moment it arrives. With a build volume of 120 x 120 x 120 mm and a resolution of 100-300 microns, your imagination will run wild with designs and future builds. This printer also works with many types of materials such as PLA, ABS, dissolvable PVA, and wood composites. With the help of a heated build plate and a wide range of extruder temperatures based on FDM technology, the sky’s the limit.

Price: $200

Da Vinci Jr 1.0

This is a winner for cheap 3D printers everywhere. The Davinci Jr. 1.0 takes your comfort and ease at the highest possible level. Without the need of calibration upon arrival, this printer is efficient to use on a day to day basis. It guaranteed to pump out great work every single time.

This printer is compact and designed for everyday use. With its safety measures in place and an unheated print bed, you’ll be sure to have a breezy time printing on this. Plus, with a maximum Build Volume (WxDxH):5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inch (15x15x15cm), this will cater to your every 3D printing needs.

Price: $300

M3D Micro

This 3D printer boasts a sleek and unapologetic design. Its stand and stilts show beautifully with a great minimalistic feel. You cannot go wrong with this piece. It weighs just a kilogram and has a volume of 20 cubic meter that makes it easy to work with.

It boasts a filament cartridge under its heating plate which will provide great access and convenience for the user of the product. It has an automatic calibration and reeling of the filament. The unit comes in a wide variety of colors perfect for its sleek design so you will never go wrong in whatever place you will use it.

Although it has a limited print volume of 109 x 113 x 116 mm with a minimum layer thickness of 50 microns, it will still cater to a variety that will satisfy many.

Price: $299


Cheap does not always mean substandard, and with the options available, you can never go wrong with whatever you choose. It only depends on the needs you require and how much you are willing to spend to get that. 


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