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3D Printing Used To Create The Ugliest Car Ever

3D printed liquid metal Ford Turino

3D printing sure has become famous and well, not to brag, but we told you so! These days, the wonders that are being created by employing 3D printing are truly stunning and miraculous.
If nothing else, we now even have an Expo devoted to 3D printing by the name of ‘Inside 3D Printing Expo’. This week’s expo had a myriad of stuff that included items of daily use, all of which were 3D printed; clothing, skateboards, food and what not. But the star of the exhibition was one structure which was placed in the back corner and looked a bit too dark for the whole expo. This was none other than the 3D printed liquid metal Ford Torino by Ioan Florea. The structure looked creepy, that’s a given, but to some, it was perhaps the most ugliest car to be ever made.

The model was essentially a mass of macabre shapes and chrome and as you might have guessed already, looked nothing like the regular Torino. The next thought immediately is that of a futuristic car, right? Wrong! The model has not been designed to convey any such information at all. Mr. Florea has juxtaposed industrial revolution from 1800s and 3D printing to come up with this model. He first of all, designed a number of large shapes that were undulating and then managed to get them printed from Sandstone where they used a industrial sized 3D printer for this task.

The next phase was the fixation of these shaped to the Torino by employing the use of bolts and mesh made of metal. The process was finished with the liquid metal coat which gives the car its unique look. The car, due to its weight, has been gutted up to the seats to prevent failure of the model under its own dead load. One can’t really deny that looking at the car reminds of Deathrace and the horror which follows.