These 3D Printed Working Models Of Car Engines Will Amaze You

3D printing has become quite common these days, and its various uses and applications are still emerging. Whether you want to carve out a 3D gun for playing over the weekend or you need a prototype to present a concept, 3D printers can be used for a variety of purposes. Eric Harrell, a YouTuber, takes it up a notch by using his printer to create 3D car engines.

He has created working models of 3D car engines, differentials, and transmissions. The end products of his 3D printing are both mechanical and artistic just like some kinetic art.

Here are the videos of the 3D printed engine parts.

Subaru EJ20 Boxer Engine

Fully functional as a model but not for practical use. Hard to assemble due to a large number of printed parts.

Toyota 22RE Engine

Fully rotating 4-cylinder engine.

Toyota 4WD Transfer Case Model

The transfer case has a double gear box and is popular among the 4wd lovers.

Open Differential, Toyota Third Member


These amazing videos show us the future prospects of 3D printing. Yes, these machines are made from plastic and are not for practical usage. However, they can be used as excellent models to study the inner workings of the engines. With the advancements in 3D metal printing and the use of various other materials for printing, there are high chances that soon we will be seeing the production of 3d printed prototypes and models on a large scale.


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