$370,000 Worth Of iPhones Stolen From UPS Truck A Day Before Launch

Apple has been running a tight ship making sure no secrets are released prior to the release of the much awaited iPhone X. They even terminated an employee when his daughter released some unseen footage in a vlog. The video has been taken down and no other incidents took place again.

(Source: CNET)

Apple finally plans to release the $1,000 smartphone tomorrow for the world to see and one day prior to the launch, three robbers made off with around 313 iPhone X devices. These phones were sitting inside a UPS truck outside the Apple store in San Francisco when they were stolen.

(Source: News Talk KIT)

The latest flagship, best known for its almost entirely bezel-free screen and a hefty price tag has faced this blow just one day before the unveiling. CNET estimated the value of 313 stolen iPhone X’s at $370,000. The identity and whereabouts of the robbers are not known as of now.

The police are looking for three suspects in hooded sweatshirts who drove a white Dodge van, the report said. The theft reportedly occurred between 11 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. Pacific time on Wednesday

Meanwhile, another Apple enthusiast from London worked out a loophole in a third-party retailer’s shipping service and was able to get the phone a day early. The only difference is that he actually had to pay a thousand dollars to get one. Proves people are being crazy to get their hands on the new iPhone X!

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