Crazy Man Builds A Swing That Can Take You To 9m Height Without Any Safety Gear

Remember how we used to wonder as kids whether we could push hard enough to tip our swing over the bar? We would spend hours in the playground while trying to achieve the feat and shouting at our friend ferociously to push harder! Almost all of us, sooner or later, realized that this was probably not possible according to laws of physics, but then there was one!

It looks like this man has taken that “childhood dream” of swinging over the bar way too seriously! This crazy inventor who goes by the name of Colin Furze is the resident of Lincolnshire. He seems to be hell bent on achieving this feat regardless of the required resources and the possible hazards and dangers that come with this.

Considering the mammoth size of the A-frames that make up this freak of a swing, it probably isn’t a great idea to mess around on this. The swing can take you as high as 9.5 m just with the counter weights of 25kg, but without any straps or harness. It is more of a death wish than anything else.

Watch this scientist living the dream in all its craziness! If it can be made a little bit safer, it does look like something worth riding. But for now, it is probably a sensible idea to enjoy the antics in the video below rather than performing the feat yourself!

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