32+ HD Melbourne Wallpapers: The Beauty Of Batmania

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If you have ever downloaded a picture of Australia for your desktop, maybe in particular any Melbourne wallpapers, it is easy to see why this culturally significant city is a major tourist attraction both for Australians and for people visiting it from all over the world. In fact, currently Melbourne draws over 2,000,000 visitors a year to see its sights and sounds. Interestingly, Melbourne was originally called Batmania, after a British explorer of the region, John Batman, but was later changed to Melbourne, after the British prime minister at the time, Viscount Melbourne. Nowadays Melbourne boasts some of the best cultural highlights that Australia has to offer, but this pedigree has long been established. In actual fact the very first feature film, ‘The Story of the Kelly Gang’ was filmed there in 1906. Ever since, it has remained at the center of Australian entertainment and culture.

For lovers of high culture, Melbourne hosts the Australian Ballet, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Melbourne Theatre Company. It ranks consistently high on quality-of-life rankings year after year, so if you are planning an extended stay, you can expect to enjoy yourself, however, it also is a fairly expensive city to live in, so be prepared to pay a little bit more than you usually would for things.

As far as sport goes, many sports teams are present in this vibrant, active city, and perhaps one of the most popular regular sports events is the Australian Open Tennis Tournament, the first Grand Slam of the year and a sure draw for sports fans across the globe to come and visit.

Melbourne’s weather is very changeable, so be prepared for different conditions on the day, even if you have seen the forecast. In addition, of course as in any warm country make sure you have plenty of sun-cream. It is easy to get lost in the wonderful cultural atmosphere and not be concerned with the effect of the sun on your skin. However, once you have the right protection, you can be free to enjoy the sunshine that maybe you saw when you downloaded those sunny Melbourne wallpapers.

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