30+ Textured Wallpaper Backgrounds in High Def For Download


Wallpapers are used to give striking looks to the walls. There are many types of wallpapers. One of them is Textured Wallpaper. Textured wallpapers are mostly used to cover faultiness of the walls. You can select wallpapers to cover and decorate the walls according to your choice.

Textured wallpapers are selected by people who want to give deep looks to their walls. It is wallpaper having three dimensional special effects. It gives a very charming touch to the walls and makes them a lot more attractive look. The textured wallpapers are mostly expensive than the other wallpapers because some of them are printed in mass capacities. Textured wallpapers are used in homes as well as in commercial buildings. It is widely used in cafeterias to make them look beautiful.

The most popular colors sold in textured wallpapers are cream and stone. These colors are preferred because they mix up with other colors and make a magnificent contrast.

Types of Textured Wallpapers:

Textured wallpapers are designed in a ways so that they give a three dimensional look to the walls. It is mainly used to cover the uneven spaces on the walls. For this purpose, it has many types such as:

Ceiling Textured Wallpaper:

Textured ceiling wallpapers give your wall, elegant and graceful look. Follow proper instructions for long lasting wallpapers. Ceiling wallpapers gives extraordinary luxurious effects to ceilings. It can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, drawing rooms, lounge, dining.

Hanging Textured Wallpaper:

Hanging textured wallpapers offers variety of colours and patterns. It is applicable on mostly all types of walls but basically it is meant to be applied on uneven plaster. It needs particular tools and patience while applying it. It is applied as a regular paper but it should be handling with great care. Because of its patters and textures it could bring glamour to any room.

Heavy texture Wallpaper:

These texture wallpapers are long lasting. Heavy texture wallpapers presents a deluxe and lavish looks to the room. These have starch gift which keeps it stick to the wall for a very long time. Now explore new spectacular looks for your walls by applying heavy texture wallpaper.

Bordered Texture Wallpaper:

Bordered texture wallpapers are applied to the borders of the walls. It can also be used in the middle of the wall to divide the wall into two portions. Moreover, if you want to apply two different wallpapers on your wall, you can use bordered wallpapers to divide them. You can apply them in a variety of ways according to the requirement of your room. It can be used in bathrooms, Kitchen, bedroom, living rooms etc.


All these textured wallpapers are the best for the people who want to make their house good, attractive and decorated. It is completely up to your choice and your interest. Don’t take such decisions alone, but consult it with other members of the house and then decide the final wallpaper for your house.


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