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Watch What Happens When This Guy Pours 30 Pounds of Dry Ice In His Pool

dry ice

There are so many questions that pop up in our head daily. Not all of them can be easily answered like “Why do we exist?” or “Why the universe was created?” But there are also some questions which are not as important as these but they are interesting enough to make one ponder about them. Thanks to the internet and those people who have a little too much spare time and money at their end to solve these little mysteries of life. Just like the one when you toss 30 pounds of dry ice into a swimming pool. The results are not very predictable but they sure are very awesome.

Recently, a Russian Hacker asked a question on the internet who’s answer probably no one knew. The question he asked was, “What happens when you throw 30 pounds of dry ice into a swimming pool?”

Good thing was that he not only asked this question but also decided to find this out.

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This experiment did not require a whole lot of effort in sticking to proper scientific methods.
In fact, it only took few steps to complete the whole experiment.

The first step is to wear gloves and then throw 30 pounds of ice into a cooler.

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The second step is a little same like the first one. Once you have put all the ice in the cooler. Break it apart. After all of it is broken, you will have 30 pounds of all broken up ice in the cooler. Then comes the next step of the experiment which is putting the dry ice into the pool.

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But before we proceed to that part, you must know that this experiment is not recommended to try at home. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and as soon as it mixes with water it will start acting like an acid, which is of course not good for the pH balance of the water.

It might seem like a harmless idea but the equipment and future swimming sessions are at stake with this experiment.

When dry ice is dropped into the pool, it may create an oxygen-free layer at the surface of the water. This can make you faint if you take a dip in the pool afterward. Since it is not recommended to faint in a pool. The Crazy Russian Hacker still didn’t stop taking the ice to his pool.

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Carry the cooler to the edge of the pool and toss dry ice inside since if you toss the entire product including the container it might produce unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

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Let’s have a look at the whole experiment and the crazy results that it gives.