3 Ways To Go Green In The Office

The practice of going green is gaining momentum right now. People are becoming increasingly aware of the effects their everyday actions have on the environment, and are trying to limit their carbon footprint. The attempts range from trying to opt for more sustainable clothing to reducing the use of plastics and being conscious of the wasteful nature of their consumption.

Countries are slowly introducing policies that encourage more sustainable lifestyles. Similarly, workplaces are also taking steps to go green with various initiatives and changes. Though it can be difficult to run a green office due to the large number of people and the regular need for supplies, it can still be done if a consistent effort is made. Here are some tips if you’ve been thinking of going green in the office. 

Office supplies

Office supplies constitute a large amount of waste being produced from offices. Pens, paper, packaged food, water bottles, coffee cups, and much more contribute to office waste. While a lot of it cannot be completely eliminated, sustainable and greener alternatives can be brought in instead. Everything that can be recycled should be sorted as such.

Buy reusable supplies such as refillable pens and keep the refills stocked so as to encourage employees to only use these. Ask employees to bring reusable mugs, and stock the canteen with them too. Reusable supplies are also cheaper for the organisation in the long run. You can opt for a more environment friendly option even when it comes to paper by buying products made of bamboo or organic cotton.

Go digital

The world has been going digital for years, but offices still produce avoidable waste by insisting on printing too many documents. Consider whether it’s important to print a meeting’s agenda and hand one out to everyone present, or if there’s a need for printed employee manuals and notices. All of this can be sent via email and be easily available on our laptops and phones. Workplace digitization can also make the workflow more seamless.

Reduce energy consumption

Another factor contributing to the large carbon footprint of offices is the constant use of power and electricity. Employees should feel comfortable when working and so air conditioners or heaters might run all day long along with sufficient lighting all around the workspace. If your office has meeting or conference rooms, ensure that the lights in there are switched off when not in use. Power outlets that are constantly in use also contribute to the energy waste so you can install programs that automatically powers down computers at night. Invest in diesel generators or consider solar power for your office.

These are a few ways you can negin on the journey of turning your office green. Setting up a sustainability team for taking care of the green initiatives can ensure that they are actually followed through and not abandoned after a few weeks. Environmental consciousness is vital, and it’s important for everyone to take steps towards a better and more sustainable lifestyle.

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