Watch The Amazing Footage Of SpaceX’s Latest Launch Shot By 3 Guys From An Airplane

SpaceX launch from a plane

SpaceX has successfully launched and landed its first rocket after the dreaded Cape Canaveral disaster last fall, in which we saw the rocket, Falcon 9, burst into flames during a routine checkup. The Falcon 9 took with it a multi-million dollar satellite.

The latest launch shows the remarkable resilience of the company. All the media outlets have comprehensively covered the event. But we bet no one had a better view than these lucky guys who caught the whole thing on camera from two miles up in the air!

As the rocket lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, carrying ten communications satellites with it, for the company Iridium; three flight enthusiasts were moving about in their personal airplane at around 8,500 feet. The plane was outside the no-fly zone, and there’s no telling on whether the guys just happened to be wandering around the region or it was all planned. Nevertheless, they caught some astonishing footage of the launch, which includes the video below from Van Espahbodi of Starburst Accelerator.

Accompanying Espahbodi, were Ben Marcus and Amir Blachman, who then published additional footage of the launch.

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