3 DIY Projects Any Tech Enthusiast Can Make

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When it comes to DIY projects, few people consider that tech can enter the equation. After all, most associate ‘do it yourself’ projects with knocking out walls and retiling kitchen floors, but this needn’t be the case. There’s actually much more room for creativity here, and it’s done with technology in mind!

But what projects can be taken on? Which are typically safer and easier to carry out than perhaps other options out there? Some are arguing that DIY is coming to an end for the millennials and applaud that shift, while others elect to get more imaginative and inventive in their homes instead. 

Consequently, here’s 3 DIY projects that any tech enthusiast can make! 

The Spare Change Battery

Spare change can be a nuisance, especially if you never find a good storage space or use for it. Of course, you may be tempted to get rid of it all together, as Philip Hammond has previously called 1p and 2p coins ‘obsolete’ and has considered phasing them out of use entirely. Well, what better time to find a better use for them? You can make a makeshift battery of out of your coppers! 

These nifty creations could power an LED lightbulb as if it were from RS Components, so definitely explore this option. Pick out 10 recently crafted pennies (from 1982 onwards) and sand down one side on each until you reach the zinc core. Leave the other side in all its coppery goodness. Then, get some cardboard, cut it into segments slightly bigger than your coins, soak them in vinegar, and stack them vertically between each coin on an aluminium base. After that, you need only press the long lead of the LED (while keeping the short lead to the aluminium base), and it should all light up!  

The Small Wind Turbine

What is a turbine but a spinning thing that generates electricity? You can make your own, but obviously, it will be a lot smaller than the ones you see towering in fields today. Still, like the spare change battery, you’ll be able to power an LED or two and have a small, but nice decorative feature. It’ll at least signify to others where your environmental interests are at!  

You’ll need to carefully measure everything from your blades, base and middle tower, and these will vary depending on the size and scale of your project. It’ll all need to be in proportion, so your turbine stays upright and functional. You’ll also need a small motor, and of course, the wind – but it’s all perfectly doable and very cheap to make! 

The Second Monitor

Some people like to extend their rooms or add new ones entirely. Well, what if this kind of logic could be applied to your screens? Many workplaces have multiple monitors at their desk, but at home, it’s often a different story. Some people think it’s too expensive to have a set up like that; others take a more practical approach… 

When your laptop breaks, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s dead forever and needs to be disposed of. However, that’s not always the case. If the LCD part of the machine is still intact, you may just be able to hook it up to your main computer, and then have two monitors! You’ll boost your efficiency and productivity, and also have a cool office and screen arrangement on an aesthetic level too! 

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